Vlad Dracula, Ruler of Earth’s vampires

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Amazing

Health 210
Karma 110
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -30


Vampirism: All of Dracula’s abilities stemmed from his identities as a vampire and as king of the vampires. These abilities exceeded the levels of “ordinary” vampires because of Dracula’s many centuries of existence and absorption of the powers of the last Atlantean vampire. Resistances: Under normal circumstances, vampires did not age. They could be poisoned, though not killed by poison (ignoring all “Kill” results). They could not be damaged by most physical attacks, though they could be affected by Stuns and Slams (and, in some cases, “Kills”). Most energy attacks had similar limitations. See below for those attacks which specifically affected vampires.
Vampire Bite: Dracula’s canines were enlarged so that he could deliver the classic “vampire bite”. This bite inflicted 6 points of damage per turn. If the victim was killed in the attack, an enzyme in the vampire’s saliva caused the body to produce a greenish ichor which replaced its blood. In three days, sufficient ichor existed to turn the victim’s body into a vampire. If the victim was not slain by the vampire, the victim remained weak (-1CS on all FEATS) until an Endurance FEAT was made, checked once each week. During this time, the vampire had a limited hypnotic control over the victim, so that any FEATs against that control could not add Karma
Regeneration: Dracula had Excellent regenerative abilities.
Transformation: Dracula could, at will, transform himself into a number of different shapes, each taking but a single round to assume. These included:
A mistlike cloud which allowed him passage through tight spaces and allowed him to fly at 1 area/round (he could not be harmed by physical attacks in this form);
A bat with Dracula’s normal intelligence, having bite attacks (Good damage) and the ability to fly at 6 areas/round;
A wolf with Dracula’s normal intelligence, having the abilities to bite (Remarkable damage), move at 3 areas/round, and use its Intuition at +1CS to reflect its enhanced senses; and,
A man-sized bat capable of flying at 4 areas/round, with claw and biting attacks (for Excellent damage each). Summoning and Controlling: Dracula had a number of summoning and controlling powers, given below:
Animal control allowed him to summon up to his Psyche in number of bats, rats, and wolves.
Summoning thunderstorms required a Red Psyche FEAT roll that left Dracula unable to use other vampiric abilities for 1-10 hours.
As Lord of the Vampires, Dracula could control the actions of another vampire by making a Psyche FEAT against the other vampire’s Psyche.
Dracula had the ability to hypnotize ordinary humans, even if he had caught the victim’s eye for only three seconds.
Dracula could communicate telepathically with any individual from whom he had drained blood, anywhere in the world.


Blood Dependency. Vampires needed human blood to survive. Voluntary or involuntary deprivation of blood resulted in weakness (-1CS on all stats for every two days without blood) and an overwhelming desire for blood. A Psyche FEAT put off that desire for one day, but the need remained.
Soil Dependency. Vampires could not go 100 miles beyond their places of human birth without taking a pound of soil with them. This soil, usually used to line a coffin, offset the negative effects of the sun.
Direct Sunlight. The rays of the suncaused Amazing damage per round to vampires. If reduced to zero Health points, a vampire dehydrated and turned to powder. Sunlight also caused vampires not under its effects to become comatose unless in contact with native soil. Energy attacks which duplicated solar radiation (such as the new Captain Marvel’s powers) could affect vampires.
Garlic Plants. A vampire could not directly attack a victim wearing a clove of garlic (the vampire could push a wall over on the garlic-wearer, though, or perform similar actions). Further, a vampire’s transformation abilities could not function within 1 area of garlic.
Religious Objects. Vampires had an allergy of sorts to objects of religious faith, such that any religious symbol (such as the cross or the Star of David) held by someone who had great faith in that symbol would keep a vampire at bay. Such a symbol inflicted normal damage (as a club, sword, or shuriken) to the vampire.
Mirrors. Vampires did not reflect an image in mirrors, nor show up on photographic plates or similar mediums.
Houses. Most vampires were bound by a code that prevented them from entering a dwelling unless freely invited. Dracula could counter that by making a Psyche FEAT roll.
Silver. Silver weaponry could inflict normal damage on and could even kill vampire.
Wood. A wooden stake through the heart produced an automatic “kill” result against a vampire. Of course, this meant holding the vampire down and getting a “Red” result with the attack. A wood stake or silver blade through the heart caused a vampire to decay into dust, but the dust reassembled and the vampire started to heal as soon as the stake or blade was removed.
Permanent Destruction. All vampires had a tendency to regenerate lost damage over time, even if chopped into tiny pieces. Three methods of slaying a vampire were known to “kill” it forever:
Exposure to sunlight until the vampire becomes dust, followed by scattering the ashes.
Piercing the heart of and beheading the vampire, burning the head and body in two separate pyres, then scattering the ashes.
Using the Montesi Formula. This last method was how Dracula was finally destroyed.


Dracula was a trained swordsman and had Martial Arts A and B. He amassed a large quantity of mystic lore in his travels, and could be said to have occult lore from first hand encounters.


Dracula was Lord of the Vampires and could use his rulership to command other vampires, whether they were “his” or not.


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