Dr. Axiom

Doctor Axiom: hero, villain or custard making madman?

Identity: Robert Axiom Mendoza

Origin: Mutant


  • Fighting: Remarkable 26
  • Agility: Excellent 16
  • Strength: Good 8
  • Endurance: Incredible 36
  • Reason: Incredible 36
  • Intuition: Incredible 36
  • Psyche: Incredible 36

Health: 86
Karma: 108
Resources: Good 8
Popularity: -25
Initiative: +3

  • Psychic Powers: All his powers are derived from his innate psychic abilities.
    • Psionic Attack: Incredible 36
    • Telekinesis: Incredible 36
      • Stunts:
        • Blow Your Mind: Overloads the mind of his victim causing an instantaneous kill check. (Can only be used when the Agent Orange persona is in control)
        • Flight
    • Psi-screen: Amazing 46
      • Stunt:
        • Mind Link Psi-Screen: People linked to his mind count as having Rank: Amazing 46 when saving against mental intrusion and domination.
    • Telepathy : Amazing 46
      • Stunts:
        • Mind Probe
        • Mind Control
        • Mind Link
    • Force Field Generation: Amazing 46
    • Slow Aging: Remarkable 26


  • Weakness vs Electrical Attacks: takes double damage from electrical attacks.
  • Multiple Personality Copies: He has the unconscious ability to copy the minds, personalities and memories of targets of his mind probe power. These copies “live” and communicate with him via his psyche.
  • As a child he developed his Psi-screen ability to help deal with this problem.
  • Copies include his parents, a childhood friend called Brian, his first girlfriend called Lina and a villain called: Agent Orange


  • Military: +1CS with things concerning the military.
    • Guns:+1CS to fire such weapons.
    • Explosives: +1CS to the use or disabling explosives.
  • Computer: +1CS to use of computers.
  • Physics: +1CS to physical sciences check.
  • Acrobatics: +1CS when dodging, evading, and escaping.


  • The Keeper (deceased)

Equipment: (carries these only when fully geared up)

  • UMF Stealth suit: Good 10 protection vs. Physical, Remarkable 26 protection from Cold, +2cs to Stealth
  • Colt .45 x4 | Damage 10 | rounds 12 |
  • Ammo x4
  • Smoke Grenades x1
  • Flash Bang Grenades x1
  • Fragmentation Grenades x1


Robert was born in 1945, Socorro, New Mexico a small town about 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Jornada del Muerto desert (the place where the first nuclear tests were done in the United States of America). It is unknown if radiation was the cause of Robert’s psychic powers or if it was a hereditary mutation. As he grew so did his powers, giving him the ability to read other’s minds and even presence other’s memories. His mind tried to cope with his abilities as best it could, filtering the constant influx of thoughts and memories.

From left to right, top row: Paul Revere "The Patriot", Thomas Stone Senior "The Keeper", Robert Axiom; Bottom row: Agent Orange, "Trace".

His father Rob, a construction worker, died in a drunken car accident when he was 11. His mother Ines Mendoza died from cancer when he was 17. At 18 he quickly joined the Military, where he was diagnosed with his mutations. He was made member of an elite secret meta human team called Project Perses that served in the Vietnam War. The team comprised of: The Patriot, The Keeper (Deceased), Trace, and Agent Orange.


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