Dove II

Dawn Grainger

Fighting Good
Agility Amazing
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 60
Resources Typical
Popularity 15


Danger Sense: Excellent
Flight: Excellent
Magic Detection: Good
Precognition: Excellent
Regeneration: Good
Weakness Detection: Incredible
Alter Ego: When in the presence of danger, whether to herself or others, Dawn Granger can call out the word “Dove” and be transformed into her Dove form.
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 36
Karma 40


All powers and talents are inoperative when no danger is present.


Acrobatics, Thief, Martial Arts E, Artist


Hawk, New Titans


During the Crisis Dawn Granger was in London with her mother. Her mother, a diplomatic courier, was at the American embassy when terrorists took it over, and threatened to blow it up. Unable to get help from the police, who were too busy with the panic caused by the Crisis, Dawn was contacted by voices that offered her the power to deal with the problem herself. She agreed, was transformed into Dove, and easily subdued the terrorists.

While she initially assumed she was one of a number of Doves, she later learned that the other Dove had died during the Crisis, and was concerned that he had died because she had taken his power. She traveled to the memorial service for the fallen heroes, where she managed to identify Hawk in his civilian identity, and followed him to try and discover who he was. She followed him for a while, seeing him become increasingly unstable, but lost him when she had to go into action as Dove.

She eventually tracked him down in Washington, where both she and Hank Hall (Hawk), were students at the Georgetown University. She deduced that the original Dove had been Hanks brother Don. While Dawn became part of Hanks circle of friends, Dove approached Hawk, although he was aggressively opposed to working with her. She helped him against Kestrel, an agent of the Lords of Chaos, who was trying to turn the increasingly erratic Hawk into their agent before the new Dove could act as a calming agent. Dove managed to calm Hawk down before he was completely transformed, and the Lords of Chaos, disappointed by this, destroyed Kestrel for his failure. Hawk accepted Dove as his new partner.

They took part in the resistance to the Invasion, where Dove first came into contact with other members of the superhuman community, then settled down to fighting crime mainly in the Washington area, where they fought such foes as Gauntlet, Azure, the Untouchables, Shellshock, Copperhead, Sudden Death, the Madmen, Velvet Tiger, and the Female Furies. She also began a relationship with Detective Brian Arsalla, head of the Washington Special Crimes Unit, both as Dove and as Dawn.

They were contacted by Barter, a very old trader, who offered them the identities of the mystic benefactors, if they would retrieve an old bible for them. They acquired it, from the Count St. Germaine, an old adversary of Barters, and he met his side of the bargain, by giving them the names of their benefactors, Terataya and T’Charr, Lords of Order and Chaos, respectively. When asked for more information, Barter insisted that a further service would be required for the additional information, and they declined.

Kestrel was recreated, and managed to gain possession of Hanks girlfriend Ren, in which it attacked Hawk and Dove, before traveling to another dimension, challenging them to follow. They contacted Barter, who agreed to arrange passage in exchange for the True name of the dimension, which Kestrel had told them. When they arrived on Druspa Tau, Hawk and Dove found their powers increased by the greater amount of magic on the plane, and that their costumes could now be removed. Doves form is faintly avian, constantly emitting a calming light. Dove joined the forces of Order, who peacefully ruled the world, while Hawk was convinced to join the forces of Chaos, led by the Lord of Chaos M’Shulla, who were seeking to overthrow Order. The two came into conflict, and battled to a standstill as the forces of Chaos overthrew the existing Order. T’Chaar and Terataya, who had been worshiped on this world, before M’Shulla had used magic to obscure the residents memory of their names, were eventually summoned, and fought M’Shulla. M’Shulla won, and T’Chaar and Terataya retreated to a nearby cave to die, summoning Hawk and Dove to them.

T’Chaar had been a Lord of Chaos, and Terataya a Lord of Order, who had fallen in love and become outcasts from both their houses. They had combined into a unity, to prove the potential of Order and Chaos working together. Their creation of Hawk and Dove had been a part of this experiment, which was to result in a child, who would be extremely powerful, a child of both Order and Chaos. As they died, T’Chaar and Terataya transferred their essences into Hawk and Dove, making the spells that empowered them permanent, and increasing their powers.

Responding to a mysterious message that her father was in trouble, Dove, along with Hawk and other former members of Titans West, went to his S.T.A.R. Labs workplace, and discovered that researchers had opened a portal to a Limbo where dead souls waited before going to the hereafter, and that they had lost a research team inside it. The group went in, and discovered a group of dead villains, including the Iron Major, the Top, and the Icicle, trying to escape. With the help of the reformed Icicle, and General Jeb Stuart, they stopped the villains. Before leaving, Hawk had considered trying to find his brother, and return him to life, but had been convinced that Don was in a better place, and had left nothing undone that he would need to come back for.

Hank was contacted by someone he was convinced was his dead brother, asking his help to return. Hawk agreed, and followed the instructions of his “brother”, even stealing a gemstone from a museum, and abducting an already dead body from an accident, that of a family friend, Senator Tommy O’Neill. When the ceremony was completed, he discovered that the soul brought back from the dead was that of Roscoe Dillon, The Top, who claimed to the police that Hawk had tried to kill him. Realizing his mistake, Hawk went after O’Neill again, only to be stopped by Dove and Uncle Sam. While Uncle Sam convinced O’Neill to give up his seat in the Senate, Hawk gave himself up to the police. He was released to his parents custody until trial, and barred from becoming Hawk.

Shortly before this, they had been visited by the being known as Waverider, and had sensed him reading their futures, although they could not see him or view the futures he saw. He had come from a future time, where the world was under the domination of the hero-turned-dictator Monarch. Waverider had the abilities to travel through time, and to read the futures of others. When reading the futures of Hawk & Dove, he found that in all their futures he could see, they ended up opposing Monarch, and they were the only one so scanned that did survive to oppose him.

Before Hawks trial could take place, while she was camping with Det. Arsalla, both she and Hawk were abducted by Monarch, who had traveled back from the future following Waverider, and Arsalla was killed during her abduction. Monarch seemingly executed Dove, and revealed himself to be an older Hank Hall. The younger Hank slew the older, took his armour, and became Monarch.

Dove had not actually been killed by Monarch. Mordru had used his magic to make it appear as though she had died. Mordru, a being of energy, needed a body capable of handling the powers of both Order and Chaos, so he drove Hank insane, turned him into Extant, then possessed him, and got Dove pregnant. Before Mordru could inhabit the body of their child however, the soul of Hector Hall was drawn to it. Mordru disguised Dove as the comatose Lyta Hall, in an attempt to weaken Hector’s psyche, and she was only awakened from this as Mordru gained control of the body again. She helped the JSA defeat Mordru, allowing Hector to regain control of the body, then departed, claiming that there was a new Hawk out there that she needed to find.

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