Fighting Remarkable
Agility Unearthly
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Unearthly

Health 1205
Karma 250
Resources Unlimited
Popularity -30


Immortality: The Dread Dormmamu presumed Pan-dimensional Immortality is attributed to all the worshippers he has feeding him spiritual energy. Being made of mystical energy makes him harder to kill. If Dormammu’s Health is reduced to zero his body dissipates and begins to reform elsewhere over a period of 2-20 months.
Life Support: As a being composed of mystical energy, Dormmamu no longer needs to eat, sleep, breathe, or eliminate waste products. He can comfortably survive in the vacuum of space.


Dormammu is one of the most powerful magic-wielders to ever exist. He may use any listed power as a spell, subject to the limitations of Personal and Universal energy restrictions. Being a Dimensional entity, he is able to generate these energies himself. He uses these abilities at the Monstrous level, unless otherwise notes as Power stunts. In addition, Dormammu regularly uses the following spells:
Telepathy- Personal: Dormammu can telepathically contact anyone he wishes throughout the dimensions at Class 1000 ability.
Eldritch Beams/Bolts- Universal: As Force or Energy Missile weapon, of Monstrous power and range.
Counterspell- Dimensional: Dormammu can cancel out or tamper with the magical spell of others at Unearthly ability. He must make a FEAT roll against the intensity of the spellcaster he wishes to affect.
Dimensional Aperture- Dimensional: Creates an opening into and permits passage to and from another stated dimension, with Unearthly ability.
Transformation- Dimensional: Dormammu can transform himself or others into another substance, retaining the target’s own shape. He can also endow another individual with new powers, or enhance old ones. He does all of this at Unearthly rank.
Flames of Regency: When Dormammu is ruling the Dark Dimension, he receives a +1CS on any power he uses.


Mystic Background, Occult Lore.




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