Doctor Sun

Doctor Sun

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Monstrous

Health 100
Karma 135
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0


Bio-Vampirism: (This power only applied to Dr. Sun when he still possessed his original brain.) Dr. Sun was dependent on a fresh supply of human blood and plasma to maintain his life support system. He needed new blood every 75 hours to keep his brain alive.
Body Armor: Sun’s braincase has Mn material strength. His robotic body possesses Am material strength.
Mind Transferal: Sun has the ability to transfer his consciousness and lifeforce into any computer of at least Incredible Reasoning capability.
Mind Control: Dr. Sun has the Monstrous ability to control people’s conscious thoughts and actions.
Kinetic Bolt: The robot’s hands are equipped with devices that fired bolts of Remarkable Intensity.
Linguistics: Dr. Sun is able to understand any language, especially computer codes, with Remarkable ease.
Teleportation: The robot body is equipped with a teleportational device of Monstrous range.
Cyborg (Mechanical Body): The only human parts of Dr. Sun are his brain and spinal cord. These are enclosed in a plasma-filled life support system. The system has Monstrous Material Strength. The original system was immobile and possessed only the abilities to see, hear, and speak. During this period Dr. Sun’s Fighting, Agility, and Strength ranks were all Shift-0. Later Dr. Sun fitted himself to a robotic body that provided him with mobility, increased Abilities, and some powers. Should Dr. Sun have ever been without his robotic body, his Health would drop to 30.


Medicine, Engineering, Repair/Tinker




Dr. Sun was a scientist working in the People’s Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution. Sun devised a program whereby a human brain could be removed from its body and supported indefinitely in a life support system. A political enemy managed to sentence Sun to death, then decided Sun should be the test subject of his own program.

The initial operation succeeded better than expected. When Sun’s mind was connected to a computer bank, he suddenly developed psionic powers. He attacked the doctors, then forced the survivors to serve him. He kept his survival and powers a secret from the Chinese government and eventually left China completely.

Because of his dependence on human blood, Dr. Sun became involved with the study of real vampires. He decided that a vampiric army could serve him and conquer the world, but first he needed to conquer the vampires. He fought Dracula a number of times, drained most of Dracula’s powers, and even managed to kill him once.

After Dracula defeated his plans, Dr. Sun switched tactics. He discovered Nova (1)’s link to the supercomputers of Xandar. He captured Nova and intended to plug into the computers from Earth. When the Sphinx commandeered Nova’s ship directly to Xandar, Sun abandoned his body and invaded the Xandarian computers directly. When the FF later arrived with H.E.R.B.I.E. in tow, Sun downloaded into that robot’s body. Upon returning to Earth, he tried to destroy the FF by turning their headquarters against them. He took possesion of the Baxter Building’s computer system. This freed H.E.R.B.I.E., who flew into the computer bank where Sun was isolated. Dr. Sun was finally.destroyed in the resultant explosion.

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