Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus
Dr. Otto Octavius

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Poor
Endurance Good
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 26
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10




Doctor Octopus’ primary weapons are his four robotic tentacles, which are attached to a special harness he wears on his torso. The tentacles are constructed from a titanium-niobium alloy, and have Amazing material strength. The harness itself has Incredible material strength. Each telescoping tentacle can reach upto one area away and terminates with a set of three single-jointed pincers, which can exert Remarkable strength. The tentacles can rotate in either direction like a screwdriver; the pincers are capable of performing very delicate tasks, such as holding a cigar, typing, and even thumbing threw sheets of paper. Although the tentacles were designed to be controlled manually using mechanisms on the harness, Doctor Octopus can telepathically control his robot tentacles far faster than he could using the harness’ controls. This telepathic control extends for many miles (the precise range of this power is unknown), and even when one or more tentacles have been severed from the harness. The tentacles provide Doctor Octopus with the following powers:
Combat: Each turn, the tentacles can perform two of the following combat actions at Incredible ability, with a successful Green FEAT. Any three actions can be performed with a successful Yellow FEAT; any four actions can be performed with a successful Red FEAT.
Attack: on a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle causes Remarkable blunt attack damage or Excellent edged attack damage (Doctor Octopus’ choice) upto one area away.
Grapple: on a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle holds/lifts an object or opponent with Remarkable strength. If two arms hit, the object or opponent is held/lifted with Incredible strength. No more than two tentacles can be used for grappling. Furthermore, for each tentacle that is used for grappling, another tentacle must be used for leverage and/or support (unless the object or person grappled is very lightweight). Thus, if Doctor Octopus uses two arms for grappling, that is his only action for that turn. Doctor Octopus can hurl any person or object his tentacles have grappled, with Remarkable strength if using one tentacle and Incredible strength if using two tentacles.
Block: on a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle can block an opponent’s attack. On a successful block, the tentacle takes the damage instead of Doctor Octopus. Due to the speed of the tentacles, blunt or edged attacks are blocked at +2CS. Blunt throwing or edged throwing attacks are blocked with no modifiers. Shooting, energy and force attacks, however, are blocked at -3CS. To cover his vulnerability to these kinds of attacks, Doctor Octopus will usually grab something (or someone!) with one or more of his tentacles to use as a shield. When doing so, the -3CS penalty does not apply.
Dodging: If Doctor Octopus has at least two tentacles not engaged in attacking, grappling or blocking, he can use them to facilitate very quick movement. His agility is treated as Remarkable for purposes of dodging any attacks when he has at least two tentacles free. If Doctor Octopus has all four tentacles free, his agility is treated as Incredible for purposes of dodging any attacks.
Transport: Using two tentacles, Doctor Octopus can travel upto 2 areas per round. Using all four tentacles, he can travel upto 4 areas per speed (about 50 mph). In either event, he can walk right over any obstacle less than two stories high. He can also wall-crawl with Good ability by punching handholds into vertical surfaces with his pincers.
Wind Generation: Doctor Octopus can use one or more tentacles as a giant fan, creating winds of upto 50 mph. Small thrown weapons (such as knives or Captain America’s shield) hit at -2CS in the face of such winds. The wind is also effective for dispersing gases.
Adamantium Tentacles: On at least one occasion, Doctor Octopus used a set of tentacles composed of pure adamantium. These tentacles had the same powers and effects of his regular tentacles, except that they had Class 1000 material strength. Edged attacks by the tentacles shifted opponents’ body armor 6CS to the left, enabling them to easily tear through even Iron Man’s armor.


Robotics, Engineering and Repair/Tinkering talents. His Reason is considered Monstrous in the field of radiology.


Doctor Octopus has, on occasion, allied himself with a number of other costumed criminals, including Electro, Sandman, the Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, and others. Such alliances, however, are usually short-lived. He has also employed his own gang of thugs.


Otto Octavius was a brilliant radiologist who designed and constructed his harness and robot tentacles to enable him to safetly manipulate dangerous radioactive materials. Octavius intended to use the harness and robot tentacles to develop applied nuclear sciences for the betterment of mankind. However, a freak nuclear accident caused the harness to become fused to his body and twisted Octavius’ brilliant mind to criminal ends. While recuperating from his injuries, Octavius found that his robot tentacles now responded to his mental commands. Escaping from the hospital, Octavius, now calling himself Doctor Octopus, embarked on a long criminal career that saw him continually come into conflict with Spider-Man, who has repeatedly defeated him. He has also battled the likes of Mr. Fantastic, the Punisher and Iron Man. At some point, Doctor Octopus’ harness and tentacles were surgically removed from his body. However, the tentacles continued to respond to his commands even from afar. He remains a grave and savage enemy of Spider-Man.

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