Doctor Fate IV

Hector Sanders Hall

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 100
Karma 130
Resources Typical
Popularity 0



The Helmet of Nabu: Doctor Fate’s magical powers are broad. Unlike other Fates, Hector Hall retains control of its mental faculties while it uses the helmet of Nabu, which whispers to him constantly. Made from Unearthly strength mystical material the helemt provides Hector with the following abilities:
ALL Personal spells of Unearthly rank.
ALL Universal spells of Amazing rank.
ALL Dimensional spells of Amazing rank.
Cosmic Awareness: Dr. Fate has Remarkable connection with the Universe.
Magic Detection: Unearthly
True Flight: Shift-X
True Invulnerability: Amazing
Immortality: When possessed by Nabu Kent Nelson’s body cannot die.
Amulet of Anubus
Reality Perception: Dr Fate can see the network patterns of matter and energy that form the universe with Unearthly ability. This enables the following abilities at Unearthly rank:
Extradimensional Detection
Cosmic Perception
Penetrate illusions by focusing on the true energy patterns
Perceive the physical and mental condition of a being
Perceive the occurrences in other realities
Penetrate concealment and disguises, and see the true nature of matter
Perceive occurrences beyond the barrier of dimensions
See through matter.
True Sight
Aura Perception: Dr Fate can virtually see and gain knowledge of almost everything about a person or an object a person has been in proximity with. Seeing an aura can indicate the following:
The Karma of a character or object
The Popularity of a character or object
The Resource rank number of a character or object
The Health of a character or object
The rank number of a pronounced ability or object
The rank number of a pronounced power or object
The Physical Form of a character or object
Ability Boost: Dr Fate may double any one ability or power cast in the same round by making a Psyche FEAT roll. The color result indicates the duration.
Red Yellow Green White
10 Rounds 8 Rounds 5 Rounds 3 Rounds

Dr Fate must then make another Psyche FEAT roll or rest for one minute.


Acrobatics, Repair/tinker, Martial Arts A and B, Occultist, Weapons Master, Marksman


Infinity, Inc, JSA, Sentinels of Magic


The new Dr. Fate is Hector Hall, the son of Carter Hall (Hawkman I) and Shiera Saunders Hall. While a college student at UCLA, Hector fell in love with fellow “JSA brat Hippolyta Trevor, Fury.

Hector and Lyta became engaged while still in college. Shortly after the disappearance of the JSA Lyta discovered that she was pregnant. Before their wedding or the birth of their child Hector was murdered by the latest reincarnation of Hath-Set, his parents’ eternal enemy, who resurrected the Silver Scarab as an inhuman entity.

After his death Hector’s soul was waylaid by Brute and Globe, renegade former servants of Morpheus, who made him the new Sandman. While in the Dreaming, Hector contacted Lyta Trevor and renewed their romance. Hector returned to the waking world long enough to marry Lyta, who, still pregnant, joined him in the Dreaming. When Morpheus returned to reclaim his kingdom he sent Hector, who was really still a ghost, on to the afterlife and returned Lyta to the waking world. Lyta subsequently gave birth to their child, a boy named Daniel, who later became the new incarnation of Dream, Sandman V, replacing Morpheus.

After a time in a spiritual limbo Hector was reborn in a new body, magically aged to adulthood, and entrusted with the artifacts of Nabu, becoming the new Dr. Fate. In the wake of Hector’s death and rebirth, the status of his marriage to Lyta Trevor is unclear. It is also unknown if Hector is aware that his son is now Dream. Hector’s other living relatives are his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Joan Dale Trevor and Admiral Derek Trevor, his mother’s cousin Cyril “Speed” Saunders, and his cousin, Kendra Saunders.

As Dr. Fate, Hector Hall has all the powers at his disposal that Nabu gives him. He is presently new to the mystical arts, and has a lot to learn, but his first showdown with Mordru was a good indication Hector is no slouch.

Kent Nelson and his wife Inza reside in the universe that exists inside the Amulet of Anubus. Kent has assumed a position of mystical advisor to Hector’s Dr. Fate.

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