Doctor Druid

Doctor Druid
Identity: Anthony Druid

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 60
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 7



Magic: Master of Druidic magic
Personal Spells:

Precognition: Good
Levitation: Excellent
Manipulation: Excellent
Magical Detection: Excellent
Telepathy: Unearthly
Telekinesis: Excellent
Trance: Remarkable
He may also use other personal spells at Excellent rank.

Universal Spells

Hypnosis: Amazing
Mental Control: Incredible
Mind Probe: Unearthly
Nature Control- All: Remarkable
Plant Control: Amazing
He may also use other nature type universal spells at Remarkable rank.

Doctor Druid’s powers have a special vulnerability to iron but are increased when on Celtic holy grounds or dealing with Celtic magical items.


Medicine, Psychiatry, Occult Lore, Astronomy, Hypnotism, Martial Arts A, Mesmerism, Mystic Training, Resist Domination, Trance


Avengers, Monster Hunters, Celtic Pantheon. By special rituals he can call upon the spirit of his ancestor Amergin, and possibly other ancestors as well, to answer questions.


Anthony Druid got his medical degree from Harvard, then went on to study psychiatry. He retired from his psychiatric practice after several years to devote more time to his growing interest in the occult. he supported himself by writing popular books on psychology and related matters and by lecturing. In the midst of his research for a second book on the occult, Druid was summoned by an ailing Tibetan lama apparently in need of medical aid. The lama put Druid through a series of bizarre mystic and spiritual tests to ascertain Druid’s worthiness. Finding him worthy, the dying lama opened Druid’s mind to its hidden powers and taught him the mastery of certain mystic arts.

Druid had remained in seclusion for several years, investigating occult matters personally and in secret. At one point, he teamed up with other clandestine “monster-hunters”, including Bloodstone and the Eternal Makkari, in stopping a threat from the Deviants. Soon, the Fantastic Four appeared, ushering in Earth’s Age of Marvels, and later, Druid would find himself aiding the hero team Avengers against the Celtic monsters known as the Fomor.

Doctor Druid was instrumental in freeing Avengers Mansion from its occupation by the fourth Masters of Evil, and he applied successfully for Avengers membership shortly thereafter. Not long after joining, Druid fell under the mental control of Ravonna (then called Nebula, later Terminatrix), who used Druid’s mental powers to manipulate the Avengers into aiding her search for an ultimate weapon. Druid manipulated the other Avengers into electing him chairman to this end, but the Avengers soon discovered the plotters and opposed them in a conflict that ended with Druid and Ravonna being lost in the time stream.

Druid eventually escaped, free of Ravonna’s influence, rejuvenated into a younger version of himself, and with a renewed purpose. He renewed his association with the Avengers as an occasional inactive reservist in hopes of mending fences with the group. For a time, he led the occult adventurers called the Shock Troop and later served with the Secret Defenders as the team’s puppet leader under the auspices of Doctor Strange.

He embarked on an obsessive quest to augment his magical powers, one which eventually led to his death at the hands of his then-lover, the villainous Nekra.

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