Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
Victor Von Doom

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Amazing
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 155
Karma 140
Resources Incredible
Popularity -75


Hyper-Invention: Monstrous ability to comprehend/design/repair technology.

BATTLE SUIT: Doom’s personal battle armor has the following powers and effects:

Body Armor: Doom’s armor has Amazing material strength and provides Incredible protection from physical attacks and Amazing protection from energy attacks, including heat, cold, radiation, electricity, and lasers.
Force Field: The armor can generate an Unearthly intensity personal force field. Doom cannot attack while the force field is active.
Flight: Doom’s armor is equiped with a retractable jet backpack, which provides flight at Incredible speed.
Blasters: Doom’s primary armament are a pair of gauntlet mounted particle beam emitters which cause up to Monstrous force or blunt attack damage, or stun with up to Amazing ability, at a range of 7 areas. The blasters can also be used as an area attack, affecting everyone in an adjacent area at -2CS damage. Area attacks cannot be dodged, but intended targets can escape its effects by leaving the area of effect.
Laser Beam: This is a gauntlet mounted laser, causing up to Amazing energy damage at a range of 7 areas.
Tractor Beam: The gauntlet mounted tractor beam exerts Amazing strength up to 7 areas distant. It is generally used to pull an opponent or object towards Doom, or hold an opponent or object in place. Note that the Tractor Beam cannot cause any damage by itself. A strength FEAT roll is required to break free of the Tractor Beam’s power.
Lightning Beam: This gauntlet mounted electroblaster causes up to Amazing electrical damage or stuns opponents with Incredible ability at a range of 3 areas.
Electric Touch: The armor can channel electricity along its surface, causing Monstrous electrical damage or stunning with Amazing ability on contact.
Disruptor Beam: These gauntlet mounted electromagnetic/gravitic wave emitters disrupt electrical fields, rendering electronic equipment powerless for 1-10 turns with Amazing ability at a range of 5 areas. A successful power FEAT roll against the intensity of the disruptor negates the effect. The disruptor ignores body armor but not force fields. However, if the force field is generated by an electronic device, the disruptor can affect it with power rank ability.
Neuro-Neutralizer: These gauntlet mounted neural wave projectors disrupt the brain waves of living opponents, paralyzing them with Monstrous ability for 1-10 turns at a range of 5 areas. A successful Endurance FEAT roll against the intensity of neuro-neutralizer negates the effect. The neuro-neutralizer ignores body armor but not force fields.
Molecular Expander: Each of Doom’s gauntlets contain specially treated microscopic particles that, upon contact with the air, instantly expand into the size of boulders. These boulders completely cover any single area adjacent to Doom. Anyone in this area suffers up to Monstrous damage and is buried under Monstrous weight boulders. Doom has enough particles to fire two shots before he must replenish his supply.
Chronal Deccelerator: Doom’s gauntlets can also project beams of chronal displacement energy that modify his opponent’s relationship to the time stream. The effect of this chronal displacement is to slow the opponent down in relation to real time. Anyone struck by the chronal decelerator suffers a -2CS to his Fighting and Agility FEAT rolls for 1-10 turns. In addition, anyone struck by the chronal deccelerator always loses initiative. If an opponent is hit by the chronal decelerator while still under the effects of a prior hit, he suffer an additional -1CS to his Fighting and Agility FEAT rolls for each additional hit. The chronal deccelerator has a range of 2 areas and ignores body armor but not force fields.
Pain Inducers: On contact, Doom’s gauntlets can channel powerful nerve disruptors which cause excruciating pain to living opponents. An opponent touched by the pain inducers must make an Endurance FEAT roll: a White result means he is rendered unconscious for 1-10 turns; a Green result means all FEATs involving Fighting, Agility and Strength are at -2CS for a full turn; a Yellow result means all FEATS involving Fighting, Agility and Strength are at -1CS for a full turn; and a Red result means the character is able to shrug off the effects. Note that characters who are suffering a loss of strength as result of the pain inducers will have the damage they cause from physical attacks reduced accordingly (example: if Doom touches the Thing with his pain inducers and the Thing rolls a Yellow Endurance FEAT, his strength is reduced to Amazing for one full turn). The pain inducers ignore natural body armor (such as the Thing’s rocky epidermis) but not artificial body armor or force fields. Clothing does not impede the pain inducers unless it is several inches thick.
Sensors: Doom’s armor provides infravision and enhanced hearing, with Incredible ability. The armor is also equipped with radar, sonar, sonic, thermal, infra-red, and radiation detection units. Each has a range of 100 miles and functions with Amazing ability. While the sensors are active, Doom cannot be blindsided. Doom’s armor also can detect hazardous gases, chemicals, and particles, estimate height, weight, and distance, and estimated times of arrival based on velocity with Amazing ability. If the sensors are inactive or disabled, Doom’s Intuition is reduced to Excellent. This does not affect his Karma.
Communicators: The armor is also equipped with an all band radio communicator, several personal cell phone lines, a wireless modem, a wireless fax imaging system, several private frequency lines, and an AM/FM radio. The armor can link up with global satellites to enable communications around the world, with Monstrous ability.
Computers: Doom’s armor has a built-in housekeeping computer of Monstrous ability that controls and monitors most suit functions and processes data from his headquarters in Latveria.
Air Supply: Doom’s armor contains enough compressed air for 1 hour of normal breathing (this is shortened if the armor is operated at high pressure). The oxygen tanks automatically replenishes itself when exposed to breathable air. It takes approximately 5 turns to completely replenish the air supply.
Life Support: Doom’s armor provides a complete nuclear, chemical, biological environment for 30 days by filtering air.
Von Doom almost never removes his personal armor, but without it, his stats are:

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Amazing
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 46
Karma 140
Special: Doom will often design specific weapons for a given encounter if he anticipates a battle. The more he knows about the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent, the more effective the weapon will be. Doom will usually be equipped with a number of weapons specifically designed to combat the original members of the Fantastic Four.

Magic: Doom is an adept sorceror, trained by Dr. Strange. He has displayed the following mystical abilities:
Crimsom Bands of Cyttorak: Remarkable
Dimension Travel: Limited to Mephisto’s Realm, but he needs at least an Excellent rank aid to break though dimensional barriers.
Eldritch Bolts: Doom can fire blasts of mystical energy that cause upto Amazing damage
Eldritch Shield: Remarkable
Summoning: Good
Mind Transferal: Doom can trigger his Amazing ability with anyone in 3 areas of him who makes eye contact with him. Targets get to make a Psyche FEAT vs. Amazing to resist power.


Robotics, Computers, Cybernetics, Engineering, and Electronics talents, Time travel technology, Occult Lore


Doom is the monarch of the pocket European realm Latveria. He often uses superhuman beings as his pawns, but has no real contacts beyond his lackeys and servitors.


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