Doc Samson

Leonard Samson

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 190
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 20


Body Resistance: Incredible for physical and energy.
Resistance to Radiation: His gamma irradiated body provides Unearthly protection from radiation.
Leaping: Shift-Z for 33 floor up, 4 areas across


Psychology, Martial Arts A, B, and C, Medicine, self-educated expert on the Hulk and Gamma radiation


Military, Avengers, Rick Jones, Hulkbusters, Tony Stark


Leonard Samson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. He studied medicine, physics and took a Ph.D. in psychiatry and began working as a college professor. Later he got connected to the US army. His first contact with the Hulk was when he psychoanalysed the captured Bruce Banner and in an experiment gained superhuman powers from controlled exposure to gamma-radiation being siphoned of the Hulk. He grew in size, his hair turned long and green. Soon after this he had to fight the Hulk for the first time. Around this time he learnt that he loses his strength and powers cutting his hair and he soon lost his powers due to bombardment of another dose of gamma-radiation. He was hired as a special consultant to the Gamma Base, an governmental institute dedicated to the capture and neutralization of the Hulk. Soon he regained all powers by exposure to gamma-radiation in another gamma explosion. He got connected to SHIELD and battled the Hulk again, a battle which he won. He shrunk the Hulk with a helmet that allowed him to keep Banner’s mind and projected him into Glenn Talbot’s brain in an attempt to cure him of amnesia, an attempt which succeeded. The Doc later battled the Rhino to a standstill.

Then, the Leader turned up and captured Samson and the entire gamma-base. A cured Banner arrived at the controlled base and was also captured, but was later helped by Samson to become the Hulk and together they beat the Leader. Soon The Doc psychoanalysed Banner through his dreams and diagnosed him as a split personality. He quit Gamma-base and later on he encountered Angel and the Master Mold, Woodgod and the Changelings, teamed up with Spiderman against the Rhino and AIM, defeated Unus, defeated Champion with the Thing and other heroes. At some time he successfully separated Hulk and Banner into two individuals. The SHIELD attempted to destroy this Hulk, but Samson saved him. This savage Hulk escaped and Doc battled Iron Man, Wonder Man, Hercules and Namor for the right to capture him, which he now was really dedicated to as he felt the Hulk was his responsibility because he had rescued him. He fought both the Hulk and the Hulkbusters and won. He tried to remerge the captured Hulk, but instead accidentally created the Gray Hulk. Later on he assisted the SHIELD and teamed up with X-Factor to capture the Hulk. Finally he successfully merged the Banner, the grey Hulk and the Green Hulk into one personae with the help from Ring-Master into the current new Hulk. A bit later he cured Captain Ultra of his fear of fire.

All of his exploits have given him great fame as both a superhero and a psychiatrist. He is generally refered to as Super Shrink Doc Samson in the media. He keeps adventuring and has recently met the Punisher, Geiger and Patchwork, both latter ones being gamma-powered beings.

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