Identity: Rachel Leighton

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 100
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 0



Diamondback wields a number of 4-inch long elongated diamond-shaped throwing spikes made from Incredible material. Stored in her boots and gloves, and possibly elsewhere on her costume, these diamonds are needle-sharp and sometimes filled with various substances. Known diamonds in her arsenal include:

Edged Needle sharp capable of inflicting Incredible edged damage
A lethal fast-acting venom derived from snake poison. It causes the victim to make a Yellow Endurance FEAT roll or begin to loose Endurnace ranks at the rate of 1 per round. At Shift-0 the target dies.
An impact-detonated explosive with Incredible rank concussive force.
A highly concentrated hydrochloric acid capable of “eating through Incredible materials and inflicting Incredible damage.
A fast-acting narcotic that causes the target to fall into a drug induced sleep for 1-10 hours if they fail a successful Endurance FEAT check.

Former Abilities
At one time Rachel was intravenously transfused with blood taken from Captain America, and thus gained the abilities granted by the Super-Soldier Formula. Rachel gained Incredible Fighting, Excellent Strength and Remarkable Endurance. Her health also increased to 130.


Acrobatics, Tumbling, Thrown Weapons, Marksman, Martial Arts B, C and E


Siryn, Captain America


Little is known about Diamondback prior to her appearance as a member of the Serpent Society; she fell in with a bad element in her teenage years, eventually finding her way into one of the Taskmaster’s training acadamies.

After graduating from the academy and with equipment made by the weaponsmith known as the Tinkerer, Rachel started her professional career with the close-knit Serpent Society. A target of the Scourge of the Underworld, she was rescued by the Cobra.

Her first mission as part of the group was to track down and assassinate Modok, the renegade leader of AIM. On this mission, she engaged in combat with Captain America and had the opportunity to kill him but failed to exploit this opportunity for reasons yet unrevealed. In a subsequent encounter with the Captain, she refused to help her teammates kill him. When Viper attacked and decimated the Serpent Society, Diamondback called Captain America for help.

Later, she left the Serpent Society entirely so that she could pursue a romantic relationship with Captain America. Their relationship grew serious over time, but eventually soured when Rachel brokered a deal with Superia to gain a cure for Captain America’s degenerative condition, a cure Cap refused since it came from a criminal source.

After Captain America disappeared she has aided Siren against the Taskmaster. She was infected with mind-control nanoprobes and sent to steal the Voice Modulation Program (VMP) from the V-Battallion. In this conflict the Citizen V fried the nanoprobes in such a way that her central nervous system was severely damaged.

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