Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil
Lillian Crawley

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 150
Karma 16
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Diamond Skin: Diamond Lil has Unearthly body armor against physical and energy attacks. Lil can be stunned or slammed by attacks of Excellent or higher but takes no damage. Her sense of touch is greatly reduced to the point where she will not notice an attack of Typical Strength or less.
Her nails can rend things of Unearthly material strength or less.
Her hair can be used to do Excellent Edged Damage as a garrote or whip.
Lil’s diamond hard skin also provides her Unearthly resistance to Heat, Cold and Corrosives




Alpha Flight, Beta Flight IV, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight


Absolutely nothing is known of Lillian Crawly’s past before she became involved with Department H. The only thing known about her time with H before its original shutdown is that she was a member of the second tier training team called Gamma Flight and that she was romantically involved for a time with fellow member Madison Jeffries. Crawly, like most members of Beta and Gamma Flights was recruited by Jerry Jaxon into the criminal organization Omega Flight. Crawly was present for both of the original Omega’s confrontations with Alpha. During a period of time when Alpha was operating under the auspices of the municipal government in Edmonton, Alberta, the Federal government decided to create another super-team to take their place, this one much more under government control. To form this team, which was to be a new Gamma Flight, the government released Crawly and her fellow Omegan known as Wild Child and pardoned them both. However, after her release Crawly decided to look up her old flame Jeffries, and ended up accompanying Alpha Flight on their journey through a variety of mystical dimensions at the hands of the Sorcerer. After their return to Earth Crawly stayed with Alpha rather than joining Gamma.

Diamond Lil’s skin is as hard as her namesake, no known outside force could hurt her. For all her life this was a boon, and helped to make her the hero she was, But this time it was detrimental, for she had something inside of her that had to come out. Gathering her courage, she entered the medical division of Department H. There a mammogram was conducted, and it revealed that there was a tumour inside of her. It did not reveal however if the tumour was malignant cancer or simply a benign growth. But she was Diamond Lil. She was a fighter, and fight she did. Continuing on to battle alongside her Alpha Flight Teammates Lil eventually entered a great battle with millions of inter-stellar invaders. Ding the great battle Lil was shot by an alien laser, and she was cut. Running after the creature who ad shot her, Lil was able to obtain that which she needed more than anything in life; it was a knife that cut diamond.

Once She had gotten the weapon which could save her life Lil returned to the battle. Once the Heroes had prevailed, the moment of truth had come, and all her questions would finally be answered. The weapon of was adapted and amplified. Lil was prepared for the consequences. The knife cut, the lump was removed, and all held their breath while the results were analysed. All her fears came to a head at one moment, her life was hanging on the balance of one word. The results came in and she was told. The tumour was Benign, she did not have Cancer.

Eventually she and Madison Jeffries rekindled their romance, and the two married. Crawly and her husband are currently reserve members of Alpha.

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