Esteban Diablo

Fighting Good
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 32
Karma 56
Resources Good
Popularity -10



Magic: Mastery Level: Master of Scientific Magic.

Diablo’s powers stem entirely from a huge arsenal of alchemical potions and pellets that he mystically concocts. Given enough time he could produce a pharmecutical resolution to just about anything. His entire costume is lined with hidden pockets where he keeps these items that simulate magical effects. Some common items he always has available.

Appearance Alteration Potion: Incredible. With this potion, Diablo can make the flesh of his face and body pliable and he can change his human form into a nerveless protoplasm. In protoplasmic form, Diablo suffers no damage from energy attacks and only half damage from physical attacks.
Animate Potion: Remarkable. When poured on an inanimate object, the object comes alive, and Diablo controls the abilities and actions of the new life form as if using an Animation spell.
Emotion Control Potion: Excellent. When a character drinks this potion, Diablo controls the character as if he were under the Emotion Control spell.
Explosives: Incredible. These non-magical potions or pellets can be thrown up to 1 area away and act as high explosive grenades.
Longevity: Although centuries old, Diablo retains the vitality of a man in his late 30’s by occasionally drinking this potion.
Matter Rearrangement Potion: Amazing. This potion makes temporary molecular transmutations, allowing, for instance, for the transformation of stones to feathers. Diablo controls the activities of this new mass as if using the Matter Rearrangement spell. The effect has a duration of 10 rounds.
Mental Control Pellet: Remarkable. A pellet that gives Diablo control over a character as if using the Mental Control spell.
Metabolism Potion: Remarkable. A character drinking this potion can slow down his metabolism as if using the Personal spell “Trance”.
Nature Control Potion: Incredible. This rare potion, that gives Diablo this Universal magical ability, can only control one of the basic elements and no more than one potion can be used at a time.
Nerve Gas Pellet: Excellent. This gas covers two areas .
Resist Death Potion: Incredible. This potion, when drunk, allows a dying person to resist death for a short time. The effect is the same as the Universal spell “Vapors-Resist Death”.
Sleeping Potion: Incredible. This potion acts as the
Miscellaneous spell Mists of Morpheus.


Diablo is the world’s foremost alchemist. His Reason in pharmacy is Amazing and Incredible in chemistry. He also has studied Occult lore.




Esteban Corazon del Diablo was born the son of a nobleman in early nineteenth century Spain. Curious and inventive by nature, the restless young man became fascinated with the ancient science of alchemy. Using funds borrowed from his inheritance. Diablo began to roam Europe in search of documents and artifacts of ancient alchemy, as well as rare potions and herbs to experiment with. Within a decade, he became the world’s greatest living authority on the science, having discovered or concocted countless potions with bizarre properties. Haughty and cunning, Diablo began to put his alchemical knowledge to use for personal gain.

Journeying to Transylvania to investigate, Diablo decided to settle there and set up permanent laboratory facilities. Under suspicious circumstances, Diablo acquired a spacious castle and began work. Although most of his potions had very transitory effects, Diablo discovered an elixir that could retard aging. Drinking it, he began a reign of terror over the surrounding Transylvanians. During this time, he encountered and wooed the woman who later became known as Gilded Lily. One day, however, a mob of villagers caught him unaware and imprisoned him in a massive crypt.

Diablo was trapped in the crypt until the Twentieth Century, when he mesmerize the hero Thing (of the team Fantastic Four) and forced him to free him. Not having aged appreciably in his century of confinement, Diablo began to plot his alchemical conquests anew. The Fantastic Four defeated him, but he had returned on numerous occaisions, most frequently opposed by the Fantastic Four.

Early in his new criminal career, Diablo was insturmental in creating the creature Dragon Man. Later, Diablo would often main vain promises to third world countries, including the Latin American Terre Verde and Tierra del Maiz, but his plans would be thwarted by costumed heroes. Another time, Diablo enhanced the misguided villain Darkoth the Death-Demon in order to defeat the Fantastic Four and their enemy Doctor Doom.

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