Yoshi “Hatchetman” Hachiman

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Amazing

Health 130
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10


Rotting Touch: This touch causes organic materials to decay at Unearthly rank. Decay inflicts Un damage on those he touches. In addition, this touch acts on organic material (wood, rope, cloth) as an attempt to break the item with Unearthly strength. Resistance to corrosives will offset the effects. This power can be directed against organic (natural) Body Armor in order to weaken it, similar to the effect that claws have on inorganic body armor.
Corrosive touch: Decay’s touch can have similar effects on inorganic matter. It acts as if breaking inorganic materials with Unearthly strength.
Spray: Decay can spontaneously create a directed cloud of gas, mist, or dust. The Spray has a range of up to one area. It has the basic properties of doing Feeble damage by choking off the target’s fresh air and reducing visibility by -2CS for anyone within the cloud. Decay can combine Spray with his Corrosive Touch in order to effect inorganic targets in a single area at a 10 area range.
Body Resistance: Incredible protection from physical and energy attacks.
Resistance: Unearthly protection from corrosives.
Water Breathing: Decay can breath air and water with equal ease.
Water Freedom: Decay is perfectly adapted for functioning in an aquatic environment.
Hyper Swimming: Good
True Flight: Good


Business/ Finance, Multilingual (English, Japanese)




Yoshi Hachiman of Stark-Fujikawa who had come to inspect Platform Number Five, a facility designed to study subsea geothermal power sources, 15 kilometers off Tahiti’s north coast. However, his inspection was caught short when he heard the call of the Emerald Vial within the temple of Valtorr, submerged near the platform. Hachiman dove off of Platform Number Five and swam to the temple. There he seized the Emerald Vial and became Decay, the exemplar of Valtorr.

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