Stephen Lords

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 110
Karma 90
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0


Telepathy: Deathwatch has Amazing telepathic powers. He can only utilize this power by touching his subject. Any creatures with a non-mystical nature who are touched by this telepathy must make a yellow psyche FEAT or fall unconcious for 1-10 turns. If they fail to make a Green FEAT, they will die as Deathwatch forcibly tears into their minds!
Death Feed Field: Deathwatch gains Health from being in the same area as a dying persoin, 50 Health points per death, with a max of 250. In addition, he can concentrate his ‘death sense’ on deaths that occur in any area in a 5 mile radius; he does not gain any Health from these, but gets a perverse enjoyment out of them.


Mystic/Occult Lore, Business/Finance, Wrestling, Martial Arts A, E


Deathwatch has a large following of ninja, possible connections with the Hand.


Deathwatch’s background is shrouded in mystery. Given his powers and knowledge of Zarathos, the demon who is linked to Ghost Rider, it is probable that he is actually a demon of some sort himself, who is taking human form or is possessing a human.

Deathwatch first appearted as one of the many criminals challenging the Kingpin’s rule of NYC’s criminal activities. He was trying to get ahold of three canisters which contained a bio-toxin that, according to Deathwatch, would have immediately killed half the population of the NY tristate area, driving the rest mad, and which would have eventually made its way accross the US on the wind currents.

Deathwatch, employing Blackout and a cadre of ninja as his personal assistants, traced the canisters to a streetgang, who were hiding out at the Cypress Hills Cemetary on Halloween. They failed to get the canisters back, and inadvertantly recreated the Ghost Rider, who bonded with Dan Ketch. Deathwatch conintued to see out the canisters for a mysterious “employer”, using Blackout, who left a large trail of dead bodies in his wake. Deathwatch was finally foiled by the Kingpin and Ghost Rider, but was never captured or imprisoned for his acts.

Deathwatch bided his time, waiting for a chance to avenge himself on the Ghost Rider. Following Blackout’s imprisonment at Ryker’s Island, he used the assassin, Snowblind, as his next pawn, then discarded him when he was nolonger needed.

Next, he lured Ghost Rider to an office building, then collapesed the building on him, killing hundreds of innocent people in the process. Ghost Rider managed to dig his way out, by which time Deathwatch had recruited two new alies. Troll and Hag. The final confrontation between Deathwatch and Ghost Rider occurred in Snowblind’s hospital room (he was severely injured in a previous encounter with Ghost Rider). Despite Troll and Hag’s interferace, and Deathwatch’s own great powers, Ghost rider formed his mystic chain into a knife and stabbed Deathwatch, apparently killing him, though whether or not Deathwatch can return from his own “death” in not known.

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