Deaths Head II

Deaths Head II
Identity: None

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 245
Karma 120
Resources Incredible
Popularity 0

Body Armor: Death’s Head II’s exterior armor is a composite shell of augmented molybdenum, averaging 3cm in thickness. It has been indicated that Death’s Head II’s armor is stronger than adamantium, however the published record does not support this supposition. Death’s Head II’s armor has been pierced by twentieth century weaponry, and his arm has been severed
by Wolverine’s adamantium claws. Perhaps it is best to split the difference and say that Death’s Head II’s armor has Shift-X material strength, stronger than secondary adamantium. His armor gives Death’s Head II Monstrous protection from all attacks.
Limited shape shifting: Death’s Head II right arm is made from fluid ductile molybdenum which can be change in to for objects. All objects below are made of molybdenum, Shift-X material.
Syphon Configuration: The cranial disruption unit is the legacy of Project Minion that created the Minion cyborg that is now Death’s Head II. It was used to download the bio-chemical program of the selected target. Death’s Head II never downloads the “instincts” of creatures. But if he ever did it would give him all skills possessed by the target. The target can attempt to resist unless they no health. It takes an Red Endurance Feat and then a Yellow Psyche Feat to resist. This weapon does Amazing damage.
Blaster Configuration: This a high level plasma weapon with unlimited ammunition and a 20 area range. It can project plasma at Amazing rank. Due to the unique nature of this Power, it does damage on two levels. The primary level is brute force; the field does Amazing physical (force) damage. There are also side-effects based on the particular nature of this Plasma bolt: Light: Remarkable rank illumination; and Remarkable energy damage.
Blade Configuration: The blade weapon can be as extravagant or as simple as Death’s Head II wants. No matter what shape it takes, it does Amazing damage.
A normal pattern human hand.
Total Memory: Amazing
Energy Source: Death’s Head II draws the energy for his cyborg body from a fusion reactor in his thorax cavity.

Time Travel Belt:
*Dimensional Travel: Death’s Head II can transport himself and others
to any known dimension with Un (100) ability.
*Time Travel: Death’s Head II can transport himself or others to any
point in history of any planet that ever was or will be with Un (100)


Death’s Head II possesses all the skills of 105 people on a list compiled by AIM in the year 2020 of the most dangerous, intelligent, or useful people throughout history. He has access to a multitude of talents, including: Guns, Thrown Weapons, Thrown Objects, Bows, Weapons Master, Marksman, Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Wrestling, Medicine, Law, Law Enforcement, Pilot, Military, Business/ Finance, Journalism, Engineering, Criminology, Psychiatry, Detective/ Espionage,
Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Genetics, Archaeology, Physics, Computers, Electronics, and Multilingual. Death’s Head also has timeline predictions for every planet that was know to AIM of 2020.


Tuck, AIM, Die-Cut, Yorick


Death’s Head II describes himself as, “yer basic servo-assisted combat chassis wrought form cold-smelt molybdynum, with fusion-powered motivaters, multiple cerebrae input, whiskered titanium armor, and a bad attitude.” Around the same time Death’s Head I quit the TVA, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) had been sending a new cyborg, built by Dr. Evelyn Necker, and
codenamed “Minion” out, killing and absorbing the intuitions of some 105 people on a list of the most dangerous, intelligent, or useful people throughout time. Death’s Head encountered Minion when Minion beat Death’s Head to a bounty. Incensed, Death’s Head attacked Minion, and was defeated. However, Death’s Head “downloaded” his entire personality into Minion, instead of just his instinct.

Spratt managed to recover Death’s Head’s body, and returned to their base of operations, where the fifth Baron Strucker used his black magic to bond his body with the ruins of Death’s Head, creating the monster Charnel. Charnel killed Spratt, and took off into the world. If not for the timely intervention of Minion, now called Death’s Head II, and an alternate universe’s Avengers, Charnel would have conquered the Earth. The parts of Death’s Head that made up Charnel were flung through time to an unspecified point. (Actually, one half went to prehistoric earth, one half to the distant future, but it is unclear which half went where.) This was presumably the end of Death’s Head.

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