Deaths Head I

Deaths Head I
Identity: None

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Poor
Psyche Feeble

Health 165
Karma 12
Resources Poor
Popularity 0

Body Armor: Death’s Head is made of a Incredible strength alloy. This provides him with Excellent protection from physical attacks, Remarkable protection energy attacks, and Incredible protection form Heat, Cold, Acid, Electricity, and radiation
Localised CPU: Death’s Head sentience is mantained by a unique network of localized cpu’s through various locations of his body. As such, even if he is ireduced to zero health and his body tron apart, Death’s Head reamins active and can usually repair himself ove a given period of time. He has even continued controlling his body after his head was decapitated from it. It has been theorized that the only way to totally destroy Death’s Head would be a total disentegration of his body and head. Note that Death’s Head had his body destroyed completely by the Minion construct, but managed to save his consciousness by “downloading” it into Minion’s CPU.
Interchangeable Hands: Modular wrist couplings enable Death’s Head to replace either hand with such items as a missile lancher, plasma gun, or other tools.

Missile: Incredible damage to a single target, 6 area range, Excellent air speed.
Plasma Gun : 20 points of damge at a range of 7 areas; 40 points if used at point-blank range.
Mace: Remarkable blunt damage.
Axe: Remarkable edged attack damage.
Machine Gun : Triple-barreled rifle does 30 points of damge per burst. The clip holds enough ammo for 20 bursts.
Titanium Shot Blaster : A futuristic shotgun that fires plasma buckshot, the shotblaster does Incredible damage up to a 4 area range, losing one rank in damage per area over 4.
Pen Laser: Remarkable damage, range 1 area.

Computer Link: Finger-tip plug can fit into any computer link.
Boot Jets: Typical flight.




Death’s Head was on poor terms with both the Autobot and Decepticon factions of the Cybertronian race. (More commonly referred to by the Earth-given moniker “Transformers”) Death’s Head met the Fantastic Four on two occasions, although it is uncertain whether or not they would aid him. Iron Man and Thor have met Death’s Head in passing, and She-Hulk had a brief adventure with Death’s Head. Death’s Head battled Iron Man 2020, and the battle ended in a grudging friendship. Death’s Head has also met the Time Lord known as “The Doctor” on multiple occasions, and the Doctor referred to Death’s Head as being a friend of his on one of these. Death’s Head could also potentially call on Dragon’s Claws for aid, although it is unlikely that aid will come from 8162. His closest ally was the human Spratt, who served as Death’s Head’s accountant and sidekick until his death in 2020 at the hands of the newly-created Charnal.


Death’s Head was created by the techno-mage Lupex, as a host for his aging consciousness. However, Pyra had compassion for Death’s Head, and gave him sentience. He promptly defeated Lupex in combat, and killed him, as well as Pyra.

The next time Death’s Head appeared was in 2006, when Rodimus Prime, leader of the robots known as Autobots, took out a bounty on Galvatron, the psychotic commander of the Decepticon faction, who were the Autobots’ foes. Death’s Head failed in killing Galvatron, and vanished. Later, when the chaos god Unicron began to revive, on the distant planet of Junk, Death’s Head investigated. Tapping his mind into Unicron, Death’s Head was possessed by the dark god, and along with the Decepticons Cyclonus and Scourge, returned to the planet Cybertron in the year 1988, to kill then Decepticon commander Shockwave. Death’s Head succeeded in this, and was freed of Unicron’s control.

Roaming the spaceways, Death’s Head ran afoul of the Gallifreyan time lord known only as The Doctor. The Doctor deposited Death’s Head on Earth, in the year 8162 AD, in a region of Northern Britain known as “The ‘Pool.” There, Death’s Head had an encounter with the paramilitary unit Dragon’s Claws, which resulted in Death’s Head being demolished. However, Spratt, a young man talented with robotics, reassembled Death’s Head, and improved him in the process. Death’s Head re-awakened, and promptly left. Spratt followed, and eventually convinced Death’s Head to take him on as a sidekick.

At one point, Death’s Head was hired by industrialist Josiah W. Dogbolter, to test out a new, personal-scale time machine by tracking and killing the Gallifreyan Doctor. As it turned out, the time machine was also a time bomb, and Death’s Head and the Doctor narrowly escaped with their lives. The Doctor departed, leaving Death’s Head stranded on Earth, atop Four Freedoms Plaza, in 1989. There, Death’s Head met with the Fantastic Four, and saved young Franklin Richards from death. In gratitude, Reed Richards agreed to send Death’s Head home, until he revealed his true nature. By then it was too late, though, and Richards had unwittingly set Death’s Head down in 2020.

While Death’s Head was in 2020, he continued to work, crossing paths with Arno Stark, the Iron Man of 2020, as well as working a side job with the Time Variance Authority, an organization dedicated to keeping the timestream unpolluted. During his run with the TVA, Death’s Head met the Fantastic Four a second time, as well as Thor, Iron Man, and She-Hulk. Eventually, Death’s Head quit the TVA and returned to bounty hunting. During this time, Death’s Head gained some sort of time travel ability. Around this time, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) had been sending a new cyborg, codenamed “Minion” out, killing and absorbing the intuitions of some 105 people on a list of the most dangerous, intelligent, or useful people throughout time. Death’s Head encountered Minion when Minion beat Death’s Head to a bounty. Incensed, Death’s Head attacked Minion, and was defeated. However, Death’s Head “downloaded” his entire personality into Minion, instead of just his instinct.

Spratt managed to recover Death’s Head’s body, and returned to their base of operations, where the fifth Baron Strucker used his black magic to bond his body with the ruins of Death’s Head, creating the monster Charnel. Charnel killed Spratt, and took off into the world. If not for the timely intervention of Minion, now called Death’s Head II, and an alternate universe’s Avengers, Charnel would have conquered the Earth. The parts of Death’s Head that made up Charnel were flung through time to an unspecified point. (Actually, one half went to prehistoric earth, one half to the distant future, but it is unclear which half went where.) This was presumably the end of Death’s Head.

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