Luther Manning

Fighting Amazing
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Poor

Health 160
Karma 74
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0


Cybernetic Body: Over 75% of Mannings body has been replaced with cybernetics enhancing his physical abilities. In addtion to these enhancements he has the following abilities:
Body Resistance: Excellent
Audio enhancements: Remarkable
Internal Computer: A microprocessor within Deathlok’s skull anhance his mental facilties and is capable of overriding Mannings self control. The computer can be reprogrammed by any Amazing reason FEAT.
Enhanced Vision:
Infravision: Remarkable
Ultravision: Remarkable
Telescopic Vision: Remarkable


Lasor Pistol: Deathlok carries a lasor pistol with an effective range of Remarkable that inflicts Incredible damage. The pistol utilises Deathlok’s own personal energy and has can be considered to have an unlimited energy supply.
Knife: Manning also carries a knife made from Remarkable material and inflicts Good edged damage.


Weapons Master-PIstols, Martial Arts A, Computers and Military




Luther Manning enlisted in the army and later rose through the ranks to become a colonel. During standard war games, however, Manning was injured by the effects of a concussion mine, an incident which created a diverged, alternate reality, and is not considered part of the mainstream timeline. Most of the History below occurs in this divergent timeline, where Manning was critically injured.

Mannings superior, Major Simon Ryker, salvaged Manning’s body for use in Project: Alpha-Mech, a covert operation whose purpose was to create cyborg super-soldiers. Manning’s brain, nervous system, and still-living tissue were transplanted into a synthetic body in a n operation performed by Major Ryker’s brother, Harlan Ryker, code-named Hellinger, who had years before given his brother Simon cybernetic parts to repair damage to his legs and spine incurred in an altercation with the villainous despot Dr. Doom.

Manning awoke from the weeks-long operation in a body that was partially his own and with a mini-computer occupying a portion of his brain. He was given the code-name Deathlok. At first an unwilling agent of Ryker, Manning broke free of his control and became a free agent. On a CIA assignment, Manning met the enigmatic Godwulf, a vigilante who had access to some time travel machinery in his headquarters in the subway s of New York City. Godwulf displaced Manning in time, where the cyborg was snatched by a time machine used by the villains Fixer and Mentallo and brought the present of the mainstream reality.

The Fixer’s inventive genius enabled him to override Manning’s computer brain, enabling the criminals to use him as their pawn. The hero team Fantastic Four confiscated Manning from the Fixer and turned him over to a cyberneticist in London.

There, agents of the oil company Roxxon stole Manning’s body, placing him in the custody of Roxxon-employed surgeon, Harlan Ryker (the mainstream equivalent of the scientist who created Deathlok in the alternate reality.) Ryker gave Manning a rigorous biopsy in order to learn from it. Then, in association with other members of Roxxon’s Department M (for “Mutagenics”), he created a robotic simulacrum of Deathlok. This robot was turned over to Roxxon’s Nth Command for testing, and soon sent to infiltrate and destroy the United States-funded Project: Pegasus energy research facility. The Deathlok robot was destroyed before it could carry out its mission.

Eventually, Ryker got the original Deathlok functional. By this time, a clone of Manning was sent by Godwulf to find the original Deathlok. The clone succeeded in its mission with the help of Captain America, and gave his life to free Manning from Roxxon mental domination. Manning returned to his own alternate reality where he joined forces with Godwulf and his band of Redeemers to defeat Harlan Ryker’s plans of nuclear annihilation.

Manning presumably remains in his near-future alternate reality, searching for a purpose in life.

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