Death, dying and killing

Doctor Manhattan ponders the meaning of life.

When a character reaches 0 Health:

Rolls an Endurance FEAT against the Kill column:
1. No effect, the character is Stunned for 1-10 rounds and may regain consciousness.
2. Endurance Loss, the character is unconscious for 1-10 rounds and begins to lose Endurance ranks. A character loses one Endurance rank per turn. The loss is temporary. One rank is lost per turn until the character reaches Shift 0 and dies.

To avoid death:

1: Spend 50 points to stop Endurance Loss (Stopgap)
2: Spend 200 Karma to get another endurance FEAT. If you succeed, you are unconscious.
3: Help from your friends. If aided the loss of Endurance is halted. The character is still unconscious, and will be for 1-10 more hours. Aid is defined as first aid, summoning help, pulling the character to safety, or even checking to see if the character is OK.

A character with 0 Health is unconscious for 1-10 turns, then can make a Endurance FEAT. Failure indicates the character is still unconscious; check again in 1-10 turns. Success indicates the character has regained consciousness, and has Health equal to his Endurance rank.

The Kill Result Without 0 health:

The target receiving a Kill result makes an Endurance FEAT. There are three results on this table.
1: An Endurance Loss indicates that the character’s Endurance is reduced by one rank. The character is dying, and will continue to lose Endurance at one rank per turn until Stabilized.
2: The E/S (Edged/Shooting) result indicates the character is affected as an Endurance Loss only if the method of attack was Edged attack in Slugfest or a Shooting attack. Any other attack form is considered No Effect.
3: No Effect: The character takes damage as listed for the attack form, but is not slain.

Body Armor, Force Fields and Death

If the character’s Body Armor, force field, or natural invulnerabilities prevent the form of attack from hurting the character, then the effects of the Slam, Stun, or Kill are negated.


In borderline cases where the sum total of the attacker’s damage is balanced by the target’s defenses, the target may be affected by Slams, Stuns, and Kills.

The repercussions of killing

A Kill result has detrimental effects on the attacker as well as the target. A hero who kills will lose all Karma. Accidental deaths and deaths resulting from the hero not being in control of his actions do not mitigate this effect.

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