Wade Wilson

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 120
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Regeneration: Unearthly (10 per round), with a power FEAT he can also speed-up the recovery of lost limbs. He can then regain tissue the size of his hand with 2 rounds concentration. Due to recent developments Deadpool has lost the ability to regenerate lost limbs, it is not known if that ability will return in time.
Recovery: Unearthly

Body Armor: Good vs. energy, physical.
Teleportation Device: 10.000 mile with up to 2 people.
Image Inducer: Remarkable holographic ability to assume other humanoid form.
Bolos: 2 areas to grapple with Excellent strength
Bo Staff: Excellent material, Remarkable damage
Cluster Bombs: 1 area, Remarkable damage to entire area
Long Swords: 2 Remarkable material longswords that do Rm damage.
Throwing Stars: 3 areas for Excellent damage.
Guns: various guns for up to Incredible damage but he has access to greater damage weapons and all kind of ammo.


Martial Arts A,B,C,E, Military, Sharp Weapons, Thrown weapons, Marksmanship, Guns, Detective/Espionage, Weapon Master: Swords/ Guns




The history of the man known as Wade Wilson remains a mystery. He was a highly skilled mercenary and assassin who became adept at assuming other identities when needed.

After failing to complete an assignment, the mercenary ended up in the care of Wade and Mercedes Wilson at a remote cabin in the Northern United States. The mercenary decided to adopt the identity of Wade Wilson by killing the real Wade and leaving his body for his own. Unfortunately, the mercenary inadvertently killed Mercedes, which drove him somewhat mad with guilt. He thus became entrenched with the Wilson identity ever since. (The real Wade Wilson assumed a new identity instead, T-ray, and used it to attempt revenge on the new Wilson later.)

Now Wade Wilson, the mercenary led a relatively content life taking dangerous mission after dangerous mission, and formed a deep relationship with a prostitute named Vanessa (later, Copycat).

Being diagnosed with cancer, he left Vanessa and accepted an offer of salvation from the Canadian government. Winding up in the government’s “Weapon X” facility, the program healed his cancer and gave him a healing factor but it also disfigured him into a scarred, ugly human. Wilson was then sent to a scientist in Department H called Dr Killbrew who had his own lab called “the Workshop” where he performed all kinds of sick experiments on people who where kept in cells. One day Dr. Killbrew lobotomized one of Wades friends who he later killed out of mercy. When trying to avenge his buddy he got his heart ripped out by Killbrew’s strong man Ajax. However, Wilson’s healing factor jumpstarted and he regenerated his heart and apparently killed Ajax. Escaping, Wilson once again became a mercenary calling himself Deadpool after beating the “office pool” odds in the Weapon X facility.

His initial exploits led him to compete with the assassin Bullseye for top spot as the Kingpin’s prime assassin, but Wilson developed his own identity and reputation. He also established a friendship with his weapons maker, Weasel, and imprisoned the woman known as Blind Al in his headquarters, for reasons that remain unknown. Wilson became the prime mercenary at the headquarters known as the Hellhouse, ran by the head administrator, Patch.

Wilson was later hired by the crime boss Tolliver, who was in reality Genesis, the son of the powerful mutant Cable. Wilson was hired to kill Cable and his latest charges, the young heroes called New Mutants. Wilson failed but still tried to kill Cable even after the New Mutants had become X-force. During this time he also had a relationship whit the X-force member Siryn, although Siryn soon broke it off.

About the same time, Wilson was contacted by the extraterrestrial holding company, Landau, Luckman, and Lake, to be the avatar for Earth in order to prepare the way for what could be a celestial messiah. Resistant at first, Wilson tried to become the hero they wanted, but failed. For example, he encountered the villain Typhoid Mary, who would continue to try to turn Wilson evil. When encountering the messiah, Wilson decided that its offer of peace meant the destruction of free will and “failed” again. Landau, Luckman, and Lake attempted to kill Wilson for his failure, although he escaped with the help of Zoe Culloden, who had in the course of Wilson’s preparation became his friend.

Later, Wilson was killed by Ajax, although Wilson met and reaffirmed a strange relationship with the physical embodiment of Death, allowing him to come back to life. Similarly, T-ray returned to Wilson’s life, eventually killing him, only to have Death revive him again.

Wilson has returned to his mercenary ways, joining with villains Constrictor and Titania in a new headquarters.

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