Henrique Gallante

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Amazing

Health 76
Karma 62
Resources Poor
Popularity -10


Darkforce Manipulation: Gallante has Unearthly ability to tap into and harness the properties of the Darkforce dimension.
Teleportation: Gallante an fully enter the Dark Dimension and move instantaneously to another location.
Darkforce Generation: Gallante can release an inky blackness at Unearthly ability creating shapes, weapons, tendrils, and blasts of energy Unearthly rank
Energy Body-Darkforce: Gallantes body is comprised of Darkforce energy. This darkness serves as Unearthly Body Armor against physical and energy damage. It also lowers all battle effects by one color;
Green becomes White
Yellow becomes Green
Red becomes Yellow






Henrique “Henry” Gallante was a drug-addicted youth left abused and abandoned from his home and whose burgeoning mutant powers were driving him insane. He was placed in the Smythers drug rehabilitation clinic, but the doctors held little hope for him. Unknown to the doctors, Gallante’s mutant powers allowed him access to the dimension of Darkforce, an extradimensional energy resembling tar. Although the energy possessed no true sentience, Gallante displaced his feelings of darkness and despair to it and allowed it to mimic an empathic sentience that fed off and perpetuated Gallante’s dark feelings.

Through Gallante, the Darkforce was able to access his dimensional plane, as its natural tendency was to fill the relative vacuum of darkness such a dimension of light created. Soon, the Darkforce began to use Gallante to allow it to seep into his world, kidnapping those who could access Darkforce, such as Cloak, Shroud, and Quagmire, and trapping them within its dimension. It also began to flood New York City and envelope those with dark or violent tendencies, unleashing that side of them. Gallante grew mad as the power of the darkness increased, and he succumbed wholeheartedly to the Darkforce, desiring to destroy the world.

With an army of Darkforce-controlled individuals, Gallante, calling himself Darkling, was confronted by an assemblage of Earth’s heroes, including the New Warriors, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. The New Warriors Firestar and Dagger were able to use their powers to disrupt Gallante’s access to the Darkforce, and the heroes were ultimately able to convince Gallante of the error of his ways. Deciding that to understand himself meant to live with his darkness, Gallante disappeared into the Darkforce dimension, taking its residual energies with him.

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