Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix
Jean Grey

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Class 1000

Health 200
Karma 1030
Resources Class 1000
Popularity -1000


The Phoenix Force: When any power is used, a fiery bird-like aura appears. It covers 1-1000 areas and is composed of Unearthly intensity cosmic flame.
Absorption: The phoenix can absorb energy with Class 1000 ability. When ‘feeding’ she can perform no other action
Elemental Conversion: Class 1000
True Flight: Unearthly airspeed in an atmosphere. Within the depths of space che is able to achive Class 3000 speeds.
Force Field: Class 1000 protection from physical and energy damage.
Gateway: Phoenix is capable of creating gates allowing instantaneous transportation to anywhere in the universe with Class 5000 ability..
Kinetic Bolt: Unearthy intensity with a range of 100 miles.
Regeneration: Unearthly
Self Sustenance: Phoenix can survive indefinately without the need for air, food, water and the depths of space with Class 1000 ability.
Telekinesis: Unearthly however limited to line of site range
Telepathy: Unearthly rank with a 16,000 mile range.
Weather Control: Unearthly


Phoenix is vulnerable to psionic and magical attacks. When the target of such attacks her Psyche is considered Excellent.


Resist Domination, Leadership, Fashion, Modelling, Astro-navigation




See Phoenix- Jean Grey

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