Identity: Matt Murdoch

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Remarkable

Health 110
Karma 115
Resources Good
Popularity 30

Enhanced Senses: Monstrous, Overloading these senses reduces his Intuition by -1CS. Any FEAT against specific attacks are -2CS. Murdock uses his enhanced hearing in a power stunt to determine if someone is lying (by listening to their heartbeat) with Amazing ability. He can also track by a specific odor with Monstrous ability.
Radar Sense: Has developed an omnidirectional sense that operates as primitive radar. He can “see” 3-D images up to 3 areas away regardless of light conditions. Rapid movements and chaotic conditions reduce the power and Intuition by -2CS. Daredevil cannot be blindsided.

Billy Club: Incredible material that he wields or throws for Excellent blunt damage. With a successful Agility FEAT, Daredevil can ricochet his Billy Club off a number of hard surfaces and back to him. It shoots a line that lets him swing at 3 areas per round.
Costume: Good protection vs Physical.

Murdock is blind and is unaffected by light-based attacks, illusions, and hypnosis.


Law, Acrobatics, Martial Arts A and B, Weapon Specialist-Billy Club


Ben Urich, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Avengers


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