Identity: Tandy Bowen

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 76
Karma 30
Resources Feeble
Popularity 5

Light Generation: She can create Remarkable Intensity light that fills up to 2 Areas. Opponents caught in this light must make an Endurance FEAT or be Stunned. Any attacks made against the glowing form are -2CS to hit her.
Light Knives: She is able to create solid light daggers that do Excellent Edged Damage. She can throw 4 Daggers/Round at up to 4 different targets if she so desires. These daggers dissipate 1 Round after they leave her hand.
Light Shield: She is able to generate a shield of light around her that provides Excellent Protection from Physical and Force Attacks.


Acrobatics, Tumbling, Martial Arts C




Tandy Bowen’s mother was left with a fortune when her husband, Tandy’s father, left for India to experience spiritual rebirth. She began a career as a jet setter and had numerous short-lived marriages ; the only person who ever loved her was one of earliest husbands, Philip Carlisle, a kind man. Feeling alone and unloved, Tandy finally ran away when her boyfriend left for the university.

Things in New York didn’t go well at all for the young runaway, and she soon ended up captured by the Silvermane Maggia family along with many other street urchins, in order to serve as experimental subjects for a new drug. All but two died, and thus Cloak and Dagger were born. They soon began, at Cloak’s instigation, a career as vigilantes hunting criminals preying upon street kids. Tandy was much less intense in the bloody vengeance department than he was, and sometimes attempted to return to a normal life ; however she always came back to vigilantism, due to both her sense of duty toward street kids and the feeling that only Cloak really loved her. For a long time, she was morally and financially supported by Philip Carlisle, who even moved to New York. His eventual death was a tough blow for Dagger, as she obviously considered him her true father.

After many adventures, including an affair with a man who was revealed to be an arms dealer, the case of a priest who was at first an ally but soon was certain that Cloak was a demon, and the complete failure of an attempt to reconcile herself with her mother, Dagger met her father, who had developped powers that were roughly equivalent to his daughter’s, only more sinister, and thought of himself as a god. He finally realized that he wasn’t and the evil he had done, and redeemed himself by letting Cloak’s darkness kill him.

At one point, Dagger lost her sight due to Mr Jip’s machination, but was later able to recover two working eyes due to Jip, whom she defeated. She also appeared in the Maximum Carnage storyline, ending an episode by defeating the powerful Shriek.

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