Identity: Dennis Dunphy a.k.a Demolition Man

Fighting Incredible
Agility Typical
Strength Incredible
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 136
Karma 30
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0

Body Resistance: his enhanced musculature provides him with Excellent protection against physical and energy attacks.


Wrestling, Martial Arts A, C, Motorcycle


Former member Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, Avengers, Captain America


Dennis Dunphy was a minor professional wrestler who always wanted a life of fame, excitement, and wealth. He accepted Power Broker Inc.’s offer of strength augmentation, unaware that the company wanted to create an army of super-strong thugs for future criminal operations. Using this new-found strength, he joined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation as Demolition Dunphy.

He met the Thing during the famous hero’s brief association with the UCWF, and the two became friends. Throughout this period, Dunphy was addicted to Power Broker’s so-called “nerve pills” which was an addictive narcotic to guarantee Power Broker’s control over their clients. Fellow UCWF member Sharon Ventura (then, the second Ms. Marvel) discovered the truth behind the pills and Power Broker, and Dunphy refused to fight Ms. Marvel on Power Broker’s behalf. Instead, he was rushed to the hospital as he began an agonizing drug withdrawal.

When he recovered, Dunphy sought revenge. Now as D-Man, he assisted Ms. Marvel and hero Captain America in investigating Power Broker’s operations. However, Dunphy was captured by Power Broker’s agents and forced to undergo other tests and augmentation, with the intent that he would kill Captain America in a berserk rage. Dunphy came close to killing the hero, but collapsed of heart failure. Captain America saved Dunphy’s life and forced criminal scientist Dr. Malus to restore Dunphy to his earlier, more stable, form.

After another period of recovery, Dunphy quit the UCWF and devoted himself to full-time adventuring. At the same time, Captain America was forced by his government to lose all his government funding. Dunphy took it upon himself to fund Captain America’s activities and hotline service. Soon, however, the Captain America disappeared for two months, and Dunphy recruited Captain America’s allies, Nomad and the Falcon, to help find him. They caught up with him in time to help make a new identity for him as the Captain. Dunphy continued to finance and physically assist the Captain in his adventures.

A short time later, Dunphy took to train Nomad’s girlfriend, the would-be superheroine Vagabond. Vagabond developed a crush on him to the chagrin of Nomad. Then, when the three were captured during a case in Washington D.C. and turned over to the Commission of Super Human Activities, Nomad escaped and left Vagabond and Dunphy behind. Dunphy refused to cooperated with the Commission and remained imprisoned until the Commission reluctantly released him.

At this time, Captain America’s hotline failed, and Dunphy investigated its source at the ruins of the headquarters of Captain America’s team, the Avengers. The Captain arrived and recruited Dunphy to reform the recently-broken up Avengers. The two of them assisted the hero Battlestar to rescue the current Captain America from the terrorists ULTIMATUM in Antarctica, but Dunphy was believed killed when a bomb exploded as he was trying to save an ULTIMATUM agent. In actuality, however, Dunphy was thrown into the frigid waters and somehow survived to wander aimlessly, the victim of slight brain damage. He eventually was rescued by the Falcon and USAgent, and has since fully recovered.

In the meantime, he continued to adventure with his allies. One such adventure led Dunphy to encounter and save the lives of a large homeless population living underneath the streets of New York City in their so-called Zerotown. Realizing this community was in need of champion, Dunphy dedicated his life to these homeless and now lives with them as their full-time protector. Occasionally, Dunphy returns to help his friends, such as joining the other Avengers in reforming the team yet again.

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