Cyclone I

Cyclone I

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 56
Karma 50
Resources Good
Popularity -5




Cyclone Suit: Cyclone’s suit gives him the power to control air patterns and wind with Amazing rank. Outside of his flight ability, Cyclone is always immune to his own powers. He uses the suit’s abilities in a number of ways:
Create Vacuum: Cyclone can create a small vacuum, suitable for affecting a single target within a range of 10 areas, with a successful ranged attack. The victim, if struck, must make an Endurance FEAT. Success means the hero was able to hold their breath before the attack. Failure results in immediate Asphyxiation. Although characters need only to fail the first roll to begin the effects of Asphyxiation, Cyclone must concentrate on the target to maintain the vacuum and may not take any other offensive actions.
Create Vortex: Cyclone may create spinning vortexes, similar to the ones used to lift targets, to cause damage. Those struck suffer Excellent blunt physical damage.
Disrupt Flight: He can disrupt other flying and gliding figures or craft. Characters in flight must succeed at an Agility FEAT, while gliding characters must make an Agility FEAT. Craft in flight must make a Control FEAT. Failure indicates that the victim is “buffeted” by Cyclone’s winds at Cyclone’s bidding. In combat, this means the figure or craft is “pushed” up to 5 areas in any direction Cyclone wishes. Craft are also considered “Out-of-Control”. This attack is Wide-ranged, and has an incremental range of 10 areas. Cyclone may attempt to strike a target with the buffeted victim, within the 5 area range, with another successive ranged attack roll against the new target with a -2CS penalty.
Flight: Cyclone can fly at Good airspeed (75 mph) with a top speed of about 120 mph.
Air Disruption: Flying opponents must make an Agility FEAT roll to remain airborne. Gliding opponents must make a Red FEAT.
Lift Object: Cyclone can lift characters and objects into the air. To do so, the target must be within the range of 10 areas, and Cyclone must make a successful ranged attack with a +1CS bonus. If Cyclone is successful thus far, he must then make a successful Grapple attack as if he had Incredible Strength (the Grappling force is the air current, and can be Resisted, but not Reversed.) Characters so affected by the Grapple are lifted off the ground, either in a calm and controlled method, or (more likely) in a violent, spinning motion. Characters and objects in the violent cyclone suffer Remarkable blunt damage once per round, and must succeed an Endurance FEAT or stunned for 1-10 rounds.
Body Armor: In addtion the Cyclone suit provides Excellent protection from physical and energy damage


Engineering, Aerodynamics, Cyclone Battlesuit specialist, Bi-lingual: English, French




The Cyclone, a French engineer, formerly worked for NATO, and this is in NATO labs that he developed the first working prototypes of his cyclonic weaponry. It is unclear why the Cyclone dissociated himself from NATO (it would appear he was fired) and why NATO never got hold of the cyclonic weaponry.

Building the Cyclone suit and recruiting henchmen, he became a criminal ; one of his best known early actions was to kidnap American newspaper editor J. J. Jameson for ransom, which led to his first defeat by Spiderman.

While the combat had taken place in France, the American Maggia noticed him, freed him and recruited him. However, the Cyclone was beaten twice (by Spiderman and Moon Knight, and the second time by Moon Knight alone). Changing strategies, he started to operate in a place with no super-heroes : the American midwest, where he led a prosperous criminal career. Unfortunately, he was present at the “Bar with no name” meeting where he was gunned down by Scourge, along with numerous other costumed criminals.

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