Fighting Incredible
Agility Good
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 165
Karma 46
Resources Typical
Popularity -8


Brain Pattern Tracking: Cyber can track a specific brain pattern with Incredible ability.
Adamantium laced skin: This provide Cyber with Monstrous body armor.
Cyber’s nails are also laced with adamantium. This enables him to do Amazing adged damage with Monstrous material strength.
Poison: Cyber frequently uses poison on his claws.
Hallucinegens: Endurance FEAT vs. Amazing or be at -4CS
Deadly poison: Endurance FEAT vs. Amazing or die within 1 day if FEAT is succesfull Amazing damage and at -1CS


Martial Arts B, C, E, Wrestling


Hell’s Belles


Not much can be said about Cyber, but one thing about his personality is really surprising: he´s one of the few men, if not the only one, that scared Wolverine. They both shared a past and obviously a material: adamantium, laced to Logan´s bones and Cyber´s skin. In the past, some time after Wolverine escape from the Weapon X program, he ran into Cyber, who already had his abilities. In this day, the X-Man lost one of his girlfriends, in a truck competition between them. Going after Cyber he faced his fears: using his poison, the villain managed to make Logan see his worst fears and losses. Both went their own way that day, but Wolverine would be scared for life.

Years later, they met again, and Logan was forced to fight him, in order to save some people from his madness. Cyber once again used his poison, but this much more experienced Logan went past his fears and defeated Cyber, by using the very poison as a weapon: using his claws on Cyber´s eyes and then putting the substance in that point. Too near the brain, the hallucinatory chemical made Cyber´s mind definitely crazy, seeing in a different way, and more scary, than ever.

Another long time would pass so both men could meet again. Zoe Culloden was investigating attacks of a man that had adamantium in some banks and attacked Wolverine, thanks to this connection. But Cyber was in fact the robber, and Logan faced him again. It was then revealed that the villain had gained a very strange tracking device after his exposure to the poison that could trace the “vital energy” of his prey. After a long battle, Logan and Zoe defeated him, and he was sent to jail. Some time later, Genesis´s Dark Riders took Cyber out of jail, telling him that he would be of a great help against Wolverine. After some tests were done, the Dark Riders realized that the adamantium in his skin was pure and perfect, and showed their real purpose: take off the metal and use it to forge a new skeleton to Wolverine. By using some flesh-eating mechanical beetles, the Dark Riders killed Cyber, taking off his adamantium.

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