William Cross

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remakable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 90
Karma 60
Resources Typical
Popularity -3


Enhanced Senses: Crossfire lost his left eye and ear, and 85% of the hearing in his right ear, as the result of an explosion. He has since replaced his lost sight by an infrared imaging device that allows him Excellent normal vision and Excellent intensity night vision. He also wears an audio sensor that provides Incredible rank hearing; the sensor may be turned down to provide Incredible resistance to sonic and sound-based attacks.


Uniform: Crossfire’s uniform provides Good protection from physical attacks and Excellent protection from heat and energy attacks. The outfit has a number of pouches and compartments containing items like gas masks, surveillance bugs, and single-shot weapons (treat as cheap handguns).
Mind-Control Equipment: Crossfire has developed a form of mind control device that relies on applied ultrasonics, sound waves of frequencies above normal detection (Remarkable or better rank in hearing or detection required to perceive). These sonics have Monstrous mind-control power and fill listeners with intense hatred and violence. Those that fail a Psyche FEAT against this barrage will attack everyone within range until the device is shut off (if the device is reactivated, the individual must make another Psyche FEAT to maintain control). The range of this device is only two areas, however, as it is still in prototype form.


Martial Arts B and E, Marksman, Detective/Espionage, Computers and Ultrasonics.


Crossfire has a number of contacts in the criminal and espionage fields. He also has contacts with a group of scientists specializing in brainwashing and mind control.


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