Comet Man

Identity: Dr. Stephen Beckley

Fighting Typical
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 96
Karma 56
Resources Poor
Popularity 5



Beckley’s alien uniform provides him with Amazing protection from energy attacks and the extreme conditions of deep space. When it is exposed to a vacuum, the hood immediately covers the head. The hood also immediately recycles the wearer’s breath into fresh oxygen. Also gives its wearer the following powers:

Animal Control: He has Typical ability to entice animals to perform simple tasks.
Flight: Unearthly airspeed. If he is in a hurry, he automatically teleports to his destination with Class 1000 range.
Healing: Remarkable ability to perform “psychic surgery” on himself and heal damage.
Levitation: Typical ability to hover in place or drift with the wind.
Mental Probe: Remarkable ability to probe the mind of a target.
Plasma Generation: Project energy spheres that do Incredible damage
Sensory Link: Typical ability to share the sensory impressions of animals within his sight.
Telekinesis: Remarkable ability
Telelocation: Incredible ability to locate a target within 250 miles. He must make a Red power FEAT to succeed.
Telepathy: Unearthly ability. He must make a Red power FEAT to succeed. He subconsciously monitors any thoughts hostile to him. A Yellow FEAT and he receives those thoughts.
Teleport Self: Incredible range. He must make a Red power FEAT to succeed. He must wear his cybernetic amplifier if he wants to use this power. Normally, the power only functions when his life is threatened, at which time he teleports to a random, familiar spot.


Pilot, Astrophysicist, Astronomy


Fantastic Four


Stephen Beckley was born to an upper-middle class family, and eventually studied and received a doctorate in astronomy and astrophysics. He met and married Ann, a fellow astronaut. When she bore them a son, Benny, she joined Stephen on a joint MIT-NASA project to send a manned module into Halley’s Comet.

Stephen piloted the ship into Halley’s Comet, where unusal radiation disintegrated the ship. Instead of dying, however, Stephen was saved by an alien named Max, whose race used Halley’s Comet to observe Earth at intervals. In the process of saving his life, Stephen was changed physically with strange new powers.

He returned to his office in NASA and underwent several tests, although his survival was hushed up by a NASA official, who wanted to pursue romantic intentions toward Stephen’s wife.

However, Stephen’s unrevealed older brother, John, held the Beckley family in contempt for giving him up for adoption and therefore denying him the advantages that Stephen enjoyed. John became a leader of the criminal organization Bridge and had faked his own death. He ordered Bridge agents to kidnap Stephen from NASA labs and also kidnap Ann and Benny. John succeeded in bringing Max and his spaceship to Earth, hoping to gain superhuman powers himself. Stephen used his powers to escape, but was nearly fatally wounded in the attempt. While he was recuperating, Ann was also killed after attempting escape.

Stephen gained further instruction in his powers from a previous acquaintance, Reed Richards, a.k.a. the hero Mr. Fantastic. Stephen also learned of his wife’s death, his family history, and brother’s illegal activities. Mr. Fantastic gave Stephen a device to aid his control over his powers. In final confrontation, John destroyed Max’s spaceship and presumably himself, although Stephen and Max succeeded in escaping to outer space.

Knowing Benny was still alive, Stephen and Max continued to search for the boy for many years. Presumably, Benny was subjected to the alien technology John wanted to use for himself, and gained fantastic powers. Somehow, Benny resurfaced in Los Angeles, and Stephen teleported to him. At the same time, the alien hero Captain Marvel learned of Benny’s powers, believing they may be a catalyst to Earth’s destruction. Beckley and Captain Marvel fought over the boy, until Captain Marvel agreed to let him go.

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