Klaus Voorhees

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Monstrous
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 145
Karma 40
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5


Malleable Body: Cobra’s entire body and bone structure is very soft. While he cannot changeshape he can fit into small holes and is difficult to hold. Attempts to grapple or strike Cobra suffer a -3CS penalty to hit while Cobra’s own attacks are on the Amazing level.


Body Armor: Cobra’s suit provides Good protection from Physical and energy damage.
Wall Crawling: Cobra’s suit contains special chemical’s that allow him Remarkable wall crawling abilities.
Wrist Launchers: Cobra wears two small launchers on each wrist that shoot
Amazing intensity poison. Endurance FEAT, failure results in unconsciousness.
Smoke that fills 1 area and obscures vision.
Incredible intensity nerve gas
Blindness gas. Endurance FEAT, failure results in blindness for 1-100 rounds.




Serpent Society


Klaus Voorhees was an ex-convict working with the humanitarian medical researcher Professor Ezekiel Shector in India on a universal anti-toxin for snake venom. Jealous of his employer’s success, Voorhees made one of the laboratory-kept cobras bite both Professor Shektor and himself, hoping to make the professor’s death look like an accident. Unknown to Voorhees, the cobra had been irradiated. The combination of radioactive cobra venom and the experimental anti-toxin created a mutagenic catalyst which caused Voorhees to acquire certain cobra-like powers.

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