Identity: Tyrone Johnson

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 80
Karma 46
Resources Poor
Popularity 3

Dark Dimension: Cloak’s body serves as an opening into the Dark Dimension, a region of cold, inky blackness. This darkness serves as Monstrous Body Armor. It also lowers all battle effects against Cloak by one color; Green becomes White, Yellow becomes Green, and Red becomes Yellow. Cloak is therefore immune from a ‘kill’ result from knives or a ‘slam’ in a slugfest. Anyone caught within the folds of Cloak’s cape (which requires Cloak to make a Wrestling FEAT) loses one rank of Endurance for each round he remains within. When endurance reaches zero, the character is unconscious. A victim’s Health is also lowered one rank per round, and Cloak may use the ‘light’ he has taken from the victim to increase his Health up to his listed maximum.
Cloak’s darkness feeds off ‘living light’, either Dagger’s or the light of living creatures. ‘Living light’, is the luminous body energy shared by all living things in the Marvel Universe. Cloak must make a Yellow Psyche FEAT in order for him to give up someone he has ‘swallowed’, but he receives 20 Karma points for doing so.
Animated Cloak: Cloak’s cloak is now more maneuverable and is almost an extension of his physical body. This grants Cloak a form of the Elongation power at Good rank. Has the following power stunts:

Cloak can attack non adjacent foes up to 2 areas away.
When “punching” with his Cloak, Cloak’s attack damage is considered Incredible.
Grappling: Unearthly Fighting to hit for Amazing damage

Darkness Generation: Cloack can release an inky blackness (covering up to three areas) from his cape. No being can see within this blackness, save for light-generating beings such as the Dazzler and Dagger. All characters caught in the blackness are at -3CS to hit.
Teleportation: Cloak has Unearthly ability to create an aperture into the Dimension of Darkness. Cloak is also able to “teleport” himself from one point to another on Earth’s surface by entering this dimension, traveling a distance, and emerging back into Earth’s dimension. He can take along others as he does so, or “teleport” other people or objects from one place to another by projecting them through the dimension. Distances within the Ebon Void differ from those on Earth: a mile on Earth might be only a matter of feet in the other dimension. Cloak seems to be able to perceive the Earth dimension in some matter while he is in the Void, as he suffers no disorientation upon reemergence even if he has “teleported” himself a great distance. Before the destruction of the Darkform and the Dimension of Darkness, Cloak once used this method of travel to transport Dagger and himself “half-way across the globe” using a series of short hops. It is believed the could perform similar feats traveling through the Void.
Body Armor (Vacuum of the Void): Though Cloak now has a physical form and is no longer intangible, his cloak will still act as Remarkable Body Armor in combat. Objects, such as bullets, no longer pass harmlessly through him but are rather drawn harmlessly around his physical body and into the vacuum of the Void.




Dagger, Spiderman


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