Cheney, Lila

Origin: Mutant renegade

Fighting: Good 10
Agility: Excellent 20
Strength: Typical 6
Endurance: Remarkable 30
Reason: Excellent 20
Intuition: Good 10
Psyche: Typical 6
Health: 66
Karma: 36
Resources: Rm (30)
Popularity: 55

Intergalactic Teleportation: Lila has the ability to generate a tachyon field about herself with which can transport herself and other people/objects across interstellar distances, even across the “Milky Way” galaxy. She may only teleport over interstellar distances, and to places that are well known to her, such as a home. Her homes are spread around the Earth, London, Los Angeles, etc., and she has at least one home in the stars (see below). When teleporting she takes everyone in the same area, friend or foe, with her. To teleport from one home on Earth to another, Lila must first go to her Dyson Sphere home, then back again.

Dyson Sphere: Lila’s home, located in the Milky Way beyond the range of Earth’s scanners, is a Dyson sphere, a star totally encircled by a construct of unknown origin that is 200 million miles in diameter. The inner side of the sphere, facing the star, is covered by a huge, ancient and magnificent, apparently abandoned city, which Lila uses as home base. There are a number of hi-tech devices in the dome, which Lila has discovered how to operate through trial and error.

Lila has the Performer talent. She is also a thief of Remarkable talents and once planned on stealing Earth and selling it.

Lila has contacts with Professor Xavier and his New Mutants through Sam Guthrie (Cannonball), whom she finds charming. She will help them as readily as they will help her. Lila has connections in the music industry.




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