Changeling DC

Garfield Logan

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 66
Karma 22
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 10


Animal Transformation: Garfield Logan has the ability to change his form into that of any animal he can think of, gaining the abilities of whatever animal form he has chosen. He does this with Amazing ability. Although not restricted to a size limit the smaller the animal, the longer Gar is able to keep the shape. The greater the animal’s mass the shorter time Gar can hold that form.

Changeling always retains his green pigment in whatever form he chooses.


Performer: Acting


Titans, Young Justice


Garfield Logan’s early childhood was normal, up until the point that his parents, Mark and Marie, took him along with them on a research expedition to Africa. While there, the then-toddler contracted a deadly disease called ‘sakutia’, which was only survivable by certain exotic animals.

Gar’s father Mark saved his life, however he spliced the genes of the aforementioned animals with those of his son. It cured him, but it turned him green and gave him the ability to assume the forms of animals. Shortly thereafter, his parents died in a boating accident and the boy was adopted by an African tribal leader who’d befriended the Logans. Unfortunately, the shaman of the tribe, Mobu, resented Gar so incredibly harshly that he hired foreign thieves to try and kill the boy. Gar was injured in the resulting fracas, and the thieves that had conspired with Mobu abducted the eight-year-old and used him kinda like the way Fagan used kids, making them steal for him; they finally killed each other and Gar became a ward of the state.

Galtry, the man appointed as his legal guardian didn’t like him in the slightest; he was only after the kid’s rather large inheritance, and emotionally and physically abused him in an attempt to control him. It was Galtry that originally prevented Gar’s joining the first team of Teen Titans – all he had to do was withhold permission as his legal guardian, and that was it. During this time, while attending school, Gar befriended a girl named Jillian who didn’t care at all that he was green and could turn into animals. She was his only friend for a long time.

It was then that Gar joined becomming a junior member of the original Doom Patrol, donning a mask for the first time as Beast Boy, presumably to keep his identity secret so Galtry wouldn’t find out. Eventually, two of the members of the Doom Patrol, Elasti-Girl and Mento, adopted Gar this provided him with the first real family he’d had since being taken away from King Tawabe, which had been short lived anyway. Showing a sort of perverse Peter Parker bad luck, though, Gar found himself orphaned again when his new family allowed themselves to be blown up at sea in order to save a fishing village. Gar and his adoptive father, Steve Dayton, were the only ones thought to have survived the explosion Dayton left to find the Doom Patrol’s killers, leaving the now-teenaged Gar high and dry. Again. At this point, the kid got a job as an actor, playing ‘Tork’ on a cheap Star Trek knockoff called Space Trek 2020. While he was on the show, he also joined the Titans, founding the Californian branch ‘Titans West’. Unfortunately the team disbanded, and the sci-fi show was cancelled.

For a while after this, Gar Logan kind of slacked off and was horribly depressed, since he couldn’t get work and couldn’t make friends with ‘normal’ people. His old friend Jillian found him, though, and pulled him out of the miserable doldrums his life had become – they started going out, and were actually happy for a time. Bizarrely enough, his old guardian Galtry assumed the identity of the assassin Arsenal and kidnapped Jillian and Gar, holding them for ransom. The only problem was, Dayton was still off looking for Elasti-Girl’s killers, and was thus unable to help Gar. With no rescue in sight, the kid threw his hands up in the air and, irritated, freed himself and defeated Galtry. All by himself.

Jillian was then whisked away by her parents to a boarding school in England, where they assumed that that would keep her away from Gar. After this, he gave up being Beast Boy, lost his mask for good, and adopted the identity of the Changeling. This new image was apparently a swell move, since he was quickly snapped up by Raven to found the new Teen Titans. Amazingly enough, these new Titans were able to spend literally years together, working as a superteam to defeat Raven’s dad Trigon, and save the world countless times, and find the Doom Patrol’s killers and bring them to justice, and etc etc ad infinitum. Gar made friends with these Titans and even managed to reconcile with his adoptive father, who’d stopped being a tortured soul when the Titans found and brought in the people he’d been hunting. Naturally, though, he wasn’t able to stay happy in the Titans, even after finding a best friend in Cyborg and a girlfriend in Terra, ’cause Terra was a sociopath and a traitor in the pay of Deathstroke, and she was killed trying to crush the Titans.

Luckily, Jillian returned not too long after the death of Terra, pulling him out of the spiral of depression he’d found himself drowning in. They started their relationship up again, and he started feeling better about life still had unfinished business, though, and went after Deathstroke. He wanted desperately to kill him, and could have, but found at the last minute that he was incapable of coldblooded murder. They actually reconciled after that, probably after Gar found out why Deathstroke had wanted to destroy the Titans. The only problem was, Gar’s torturous luck held, and his best friend Cyborg was rendered brain-dead by the Wildebeest Society and then abducted by aliens.

Also, Terra reappeared and scared Jillian away from Gar, but Gar didn’t really want anything to do with her even though she really really really liked him, because he had too many painful memories associated with her. Even better, the Society of Sin came back into Titandom and tortured Gar with his adoptive father’s Mento helmet, completely screwing up his mind and rendering him incapable of transforming into anything but horrifying nightmare creatures. Of course, it was at this point that the now-evil Raven infected Gar with demonhood and twisted his mind and body even further, controlling him and turning him against the Titans. After almost killing everyone and practically destroying their headquarters, Gar was freed from Raven’s control and returned to physical and mental untwistedness. It still hurt, though. Incredibly. For this reason, Gar hitched a ride with the now-spacefaring and Vic Stone, who was a giant machine calling itself Cyberian.

After a long time wandering the cosmos with his gradually-receding best friend, watching Vic ‘die’ inch by inch was too much for Gar and he went back home to Earth. He laid low for a few months, keeping his distance from both his former teammates and his former professional associates. Then Vic came back. He came back and abducted everone who’d ever been a Titan, or ever been even remotely affiliated with the Titans, drawing them from a file and locking them up inside him. No one was quite sure what he was bent on other than mass destruction, but Gar had faith in his best friend, no matter how weird and computery Vic had become. He was the only one that was able to break through Vic’s emotional barriers and get at the man inside the machine, stopping him from killing all the Titans. After the recovered Vic merged with the Omegadrome and became a Ralph-Dibny-like shapeshifter as well as a machine man made up of trillions of little nanobot thingies, the Titans were reformed and Gar was offered membership but the former Titan was tired as hell and still felt guilty for what he’d almost done to the Titans while under Raven’s control. He refused them, and tried once more to pursue a career in acting. That didn’t pan out, and he started getting framed for murders, and so he teamed up with Flamebird to uncover and defeat the people trying to ruin him. They decided after this to re-form Titans West, but under a new name, Titans L.A. This brandy-new superteam filled in for Young Justice after the Sins of Youth debacle, giving the kids a much-needed breather. Gar found the younger heroes so refreshing after the baggage of the Titans groups that he decided to stick around, wishing Titans LA the best of luck and setting up shop on the East Coast.

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