Nicholas Powell

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5




Ankle Jets: These jets allow Chance to attain Good airspeeds.
Wrist Blasters: Chance has a blaster on each wrist that contain the following weapon systems:
Laser: Remarkable energy damage. 4 areas. Twenty blasts before requiring recharge.
Concussive Blasts: Remarkable force damage in open areas. Incredible damage in confined spaces.
Acid Darts: Glass darts filled with one quater ounce of Excellent intensity acid. The darts have a range of 2 areas and each wrist blaster contain 30 darts.
Cellular Telephone: A radio telephone is contained in his bracelet and is connected to his home computer and answering machine.
Cybernetic helmet: Chances helmet contains a veriety of sensors and display screens. What look like goggles are actually a variety of video screens and instrument displays.
Circular Vision: Five video camera’s feed the monitor screens giving Change a 360 degree view.
Infrared Vision: Good ability to see thermal emissions or to see in the dark.
Radar: Good radar gives basic position of obstacles up to 10 areas away.
Systems Monitoring: Displays within the helmet inform him of the status of ammunition, laser charges and power level.
Protected Vision: Whilst wearing the goggles Chance is immune to most sight based attacks unless such attacks can be controlled by television.
Power Pak: His backpack contains 20 charges for the wrist blasters and power supply for his helemt and ankle jets. The pack conveys the power through cables linking the pack and helmet If these cables are damages Chance suffers an electrical shock that stuns him for 10-100 turns unless he successfully makes a red Endurance FEAT roll.


Acrobatics, Marksmanship, Weapons Design, Gambling




Nicholas Powell was a compulsive gambler who felt that only great risks gave life any thrill. His gambling with money led to gambling with his life in mercenary adventures. He soon developed his combat suit and gave himself the code-name Chance, due to his trademark practice of not charging for his services, but instead betting against his employers. If he can carry out the job, they owe him. If not, he forfeits a similar sum.
Powell observed the hero Spider-Man after killing a target on behalf of the crimelord known as the Foreigner. Powell bet the Foreigner that he could kill Spider-Man within 24 hours. To this end, he used the retiring jewel thief, the Black Fox, as bait but failed to defeat Spider-Man.

Later, Powell was hired to steal weapons on behalf of the so-called Life Foundation, who was attempting to build the ultimate survivalist shelter, the Sanctum Maximus. Powell was betrayed, however, when the organization tried to steal the secrets of his wrist blasters, and they captured and tortured the mercenary. Powell was being tracked by Spider-Man, however, who helped Powell to escape and defeat the Life Foundation.

Presumably, Powell continues his peculiar career, although he avoids jobs that may involve Spider-Man, out of honor for the hero’s previous help.

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