Identity: Sharon Smith

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Poor
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 50
Karma 44
Resources Poor
Popularity 2

Lycanthrope: Catseye possesses both a demihuman form and a feline form. The demihuman form posseses a furry tails and slit pupils. The feline form retains human speach and intelligence but gains

Fighting: Excellent
Endurance: Excellent
Health: 70
Prehensile Tail

Claws: Catseye has claws which allow her to do Good damage in combat. When using her hands for mainpulation however, these claws make her somewhat clumsy, dropping Agility to Poor.
Infravision: Catseye’s feline form provides Good thermal vision.
Climbing: Catseye is able to move at normal rates across walls due to her claws
Total Recall: Sharon as an Amazing rank photographic memory




Hellions, Wolfsbane


Most of Sharon’s past is unknown. It is thought that she had a feline appearance at birth, adn that is why her parents abandoned her. In any event, she was raised by cats and lived much of her life as a cat until Emma found her and showed her she was human.

Codenamed Catseye, she could take the form of a strong, agile lavender cat with enhanced senses and outstanding night vision; she also had enhanced strength in her feline form. She also had the ability to walk up walls.

Sharon had a wild, animalistic personality. She enjoyed hunting killing her own food. She was also exceptionally intelligent, since she learned to speak and to read in less than a year. Catseye was extremely agile in feline form, and preferred it over her human form. Sharon in fact believed that she was a cat who could take human shape as well. Sharon had a unique personality and was an extremely interesting character. Her death was a shame.

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