Count Andreas Zorba

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Good

Health 220
Karma 95
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -10


Claws: These Class 1000 rank material strength claws can pass through any material of Class 1000 material or less. They do Am edged damage.
Hyper-Olfactory: Monstrous
Hyper-Hearing: Amazing
Tracking: Monstrous
Night Vision: Incredible
Body Resistance: Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks.
Regeneration: Good


Archaeology, Wrestling, Bi-lingual-English and Greek




An independently wealthy and internationally known collector of antiquities. Zorba is a member of the “Antiquarians,” a loose, informal grouping of collectors throughout the world who pride themselves on their ability to locate and acquire ancient artifacts, the more bizarre the better. Highly competitive, Zorba is described by employees as not terribly interested in his collection of rarities once he’d acquired them. His main interest, apparently, was the chase in beating his fellow Antiquarians to the prizes they sought, and in the knowledge that he’d won out over them.

Count Zorba was a member of the Council of Antiquarians. He was present at the temple of Balthak when Inferno was created. Realizing the danger that Eighth Day represented, Anthony Stark, and Council members Abner Little, Zorba, and Princess Zanda sought out a temple discovered in the Andes by another council member, Nigel Pigman. Within that temple, Zorba became the exemplar of Farallah, Carnivore

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