Cletus Kasady

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Typical

Health 180
Karma 46
Resources Typical
Popularity -30


Symbiote: Kasady is bonded with the symbiote. Kasady & the symbiote must be attacked separtally. When you try to attack them, your -6CS to attack. It has Remarkable resistance against attacks & has 30 health. The Symbiote can regenerate 6 points of health a round. When the symbiote fall to 0 health, it is knocked unconscious for 1-10 rounds. An offspring of Venom’s Symbiote, the Symbiote itself has the same abilities as Venom’s. The powers granted to Carnage are somewhat different.
Symbiote Tendrils: Amazing, it can stick to Incredible strength material. When it is disconnected for the symbiote, it disolves in 5-50 minutes. It can be used to entangle or transportation(3 areas/round)
Claws: Excellent edged damage
Spider-Sense Immunity: Can block Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense
Body Armor: Typical vs. blunt attacks
Object Creation: Carnage can create small weapons from his
Symbiote’s substance that disintegrate 1-6 rounds after creation. The damage is weapon-specific.
Elongation: Excellent
Weakness to Sonic attacks that gain a +3CS to damage
Weakness to Fire gains +1CS damage






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