Captain Britain I

Identity: Brian Braddock

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Excellent

Health 245
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity 30

True Flight: Shift-X air speed.
Personal Force Field: Captain Britain has a force field closely over his skin, this gives him Remarkable protection even vs psionic attacks. He has used the forcefield for a ranged blunt attack of Remarkable damage as a power stunt once.
Precognition: Amazing precognitive flashes but no control over them.


British Folklore & History, Physics, Engineering, Pilot


X-men, Psylocke, Captain Britain Corps, Excalibur, Grandmaster Champions, Hellfire Britain, Inner Circle


Brian Braddock was the older twin brother of Elizabeth (later, Psylocke) and younger sibling to elder brother, Jaime. Brian grew up a quiet, reserved child, and studied science and chemistry. Landing a job at a research facility after college, Brian was severly injured to the point of death when the facility was attacked and virtually destroyed. Brian was approached, in a guise, by Merlin from Otherworld and revived into the costumed athlete Captain Britian, with a sceptre that granted his powers.

Captain Britain fought crime and injustice in England for some time, and even teamed-up with American heroes, like Captain America and Spider-Man, for other adventures. At one point, Brian felt was actually magically/mentally attacked and jumped from a plane into the Atlantic Ocean. After jumping from the plane, he was washed up amnesiac on the coast of Cornwall, SW England. He stayed there as a hermit for a while, until he encountered the Black Knight. The two were drawn into an adventure in Otherworld (another reality, but no time travel involved, nor any involvement in the Crusades). Towards the end of that adventure, the two heroes were sent to awaken King Arthur for the coming battle against the dark forces of Necromon. Jackdaw was told by Merlin to secretly accompany them, and proved useful in overcoming the guardians who kept Arthur asleep. Once Arthur was awakened, he magically sent Jackdaw and Brian away through the dimensions, stating they were
needed elsewhere.

When his adventureswere over, Merlin sent him to an alternate reality. Captain Britain tried to save the world, alongside Opal Luna Saturnyne, but failed. Saturnyne abandoned him to his fate when things went to badly. Jackdaw was killed by the Fury, Brian fled persued by the Fury who ended up killing him. Merlyn narrowly managed to recover some remnants, and rebuilt the dead hero from scratch.

Brian was returned home by Merlin, unaware even that he had died. A short while later interdimensional mercenaries the Special Executive kidnapped him from his home, and took him to another reality, where Saturnyne was on trial for her failure to
save the Earth she and Brian had been on. Her judge was also her prosecutor and would also be her successor as Omniversal Emperor if she was found guilty – so he destroyed not the world, but the entire reality, thus eliminating the evidence that Saturnyne was not to blame for the world going insane. Realising there was no chance of a fair trial, Brian broke Saturnyne free (along with the aid of the somewhat reluctant Special Executive), and they fled back to Brian’s reality, where they subsequently fought the Fury.

Brian continued to adventure as Captain Britian, and soon encountered Meggan, his future fiancee. Many duties were forced on Brian, especially being a national symbol, and he later quit the role of Captain Britain, escaping to a lighthouse with the recently-transformed Meggan. During this time, his sister Betsy took on the mantle of Captain Britain, and was severly injured by Brian’s archemeny, Slaymaster. Upon hearing this, Brian returned to his heroic identity and killed Slaymaster in retaliation. He continued to adventure as Captain Britain, but only as an independant operator. Brian, however, began to have a drinking problem.

Later, Meggan drew Captain Britain into association with the heroes who would soon form the team Excalibur. Although reluctant at first, Brian joined the team and adventured with them for a long tenure. Excalibur was soon revealed as being manipuated, in a ploy by Merlin to collapse all the omiverse into one plane of reality. Brian was instrumental in restoring the realities to their proper place, but briefly left the team afterward for some soul searching. At this time, Brian proposed to Meggan who readily accepted.

He was soon drawn back into Excalibur’s fold, and helped Rachel Summers (Pheonix) restore peace to her home timeline. Upon returning, however, Brian was lost in the time stream, although he was saved by Rachel Summers taking his place. Brian returned significantly changed, and adventured with Excalibur as Britannic. Eventually, his purpose for being Britannic was revealed, and Britannic helped saved the world from the threat of the Phalanx. Brian then seemed more himself, although he again took a breif respite from adventuring, focusing more on his scientific abilities. He later used his ties as a member of London’s Hellfire Club to iniltrate their ranks and help to stop their evil plans. He continued, however to stay apart from Excalibur, much to the chagrin of Meggan, who remained with them.

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