Captain Atom

Nathaniel Christopher Adam

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 255
Karma 60
Resources Typical
Popularity 20


Body Coating-Quantum Metal: Captain Atom has Amazing ability to coat his body at will with the alien alloy that is part of his body. As a power stunt Captain Atom is able to reflect an energy attack back to it’s source with Incredible ability when needed.
Energy Absorption: Captain Atom can absorb up to Class 1000 energy levels. If he absorbs more than Unearthly intensity in a single round, he automatically “quantum jumps” through the time stream.
Shift-X equals 1D10 days
Shift-Y equals 1D10 months
Shift-Z equals 1D10 years
Class 1000 equals 3D10 years
Energy Emmision: Captain Atom has held his own in battle with Superman and Firestorm. He has Unearthly ability to project powerful energy or force blasts of quantum energy with line of sight range.
True Flight: Captain Atom can attain Monstrous airspeeds.
Life support: While his Body coating is active Captain Atom does not need air, food, or water to survive. Captain Atom may also exist unprotected in outer space and in harsh environments with Unearthly ability.
Alter Ego: Major Nathaniel Adam
Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 60
Karma 40


Leadership, Military, Martial Arts A, B, Pilot, Trivia: 1960’s


Justice League, Extreme Justice


The Atom Project was a front for the operations of U.S. General Wade Eiling. His projects included The Captain Atom Project, The Major Force Project and Project Silver Shield. The Atom Project was created to study the metal from the hull of a mysterious alien craft of unknown origin.

In 1968, Air Force Captain Nathaniel Adam, a Viet Nam veteran was falsely accused and court-martialed for murder and treason. In order to get a Presidential pardon for his crimes, Adam was forced to participate in an atomic experiment. The government scientists were testing samples of an alien metal found at the crash site of a UFO and Captain Nathaniel Adam, was chosen to be the guinea pig. They locked him inside a sphere of the strange metal, suspended in an underground test chamber and detonated a nuke.

The experiment catapulted Nathaniel into quantum field where the alien metal that was bonded to him split from him and formed a perfect duplicate of the real Nathaniel Adam, including his memories. This duplicate returned to Earth, though more than 18 years had passed, while the real Nathaniel Adam remained behind in the Quantum Field.

With his original pardon null and void due to his “death,” Adam was immediately co-erced into doing clandestine work for the U.S. military while maintaining a public superhero persona. Dubbed “Captain Atom” by the government’s public relations people, the 1960s adventures of Captain Atom were transformed into a cover story, giving him a fake past for the years of his non-existence.

Originally, he served as a government plant to keep watch on the newly-sanctioned Justice League International, and kept many of his personal secrets from them. He never confided that his public origin was false, and even lied to the Blue Beetle to secure his help, telling the Beetle that he’d worked with the original Blue Beetle.

Eventually clearing himself of the false charges against him, he revealed his true background to the League. He was later appointed head of the European branch of Justice League International. He stayed with the J.L.E until the Armageddon event, in which he was believed to have been killed by Monarch’s bomb. However, the two were blown into the past.

Upon his eventual return, the government recruited Cap to lead the League Busters against the JLI. Because of clashing ideologies with Wonder Woman amid the “Zero Hour,” he split from the J.L.I to form Extreme Justice. In the course of their adventures Cap learned that he was a “quantum duplicate” of Nathaniel Adam. He then adopted the name of Cameron Scott (his old alias) permanently.

Captain Atom has had a long and distinguished career, battling such foes as the Ghost, Major Force, Dr. Spectro, the Extremists and Monarch. The evil Monarch, in fact, has been revealed to be the real Nathaniel Adam, who escaped the Quantum Field with the armor once worn by the original Monarch, Hank Hall. Captain Atom also led the satellite team known as Extreme Justice and continues to serve in the JLA reserves.

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