Captain America

Identity: Steve Rogers
Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 150
Karma 110
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 100 / 6 as Steve Rogers

Regeneration: Typical


A red strength FEAT will allow cap to lift up to 2 tons. It does not shift him into the Incredible strength range. He just isn’t that strong


Shield: Captain America’s Shield is made of an Adamantium / Vibranium alloy with Class 3000 material strength. He can use it to block up to 90 damage from an attack, but he is still subject to stuns and slams. He can also throw it up to 3 areas for Remarkable damage and he can attack up to 3 people with a successful Agility FEAT or 5 with a yellow FEAT. By bouncing it of a number of hard surfaces he can make the shield return to him the next round.
Photon Shield Generator: Worn on his Right Glove, Cap usually activates it when his Adamantium-Vibrainium Shield is not with him. It is an upgraded version of a standard plasma shield that can fire energy blasts of Incredible force. It also can mimic a variety of melee weapons giving these Amazing material strength. The Shield uses red plasma instead of yellow and can even mimic the color design of Cap’s classic shield. He can block up to 90 damage, but he is still subject to stuns and slams.

Armor: This uniform is made of micro-chainmail and insulated by SHIELD. The bodysuit with integral cowl, provides Excellent protection from temperature extremes, Good protection against edged and shooting attacks and Typical resistance to impact/physical punishment.

Motorcycle: Captain America rides a Harley-Davidson custom special motorcycle, custom built for him by young motorcycle mechanic Jonathan Coulson of Queens, New York. Coulson modified the bike for the Captain in repayment for the Avenger’s help in reconciling the youth with his father. Captain America then took it to SHIELD, where it was further modified. Captain America keeps his motorcycle in his van and takes it wherever he travels.

Control Speed Body
Good Remarkable Typical

Van: his van was a gift from T’Challa and was designed by Wakandan engineers. Captain America travels in this custom-built Chevrolet van whose nondescript outward appearance allows him to travel incognito. The van’s interior contains a mount for Captain America’s motorcycle and a built-in cot for sleeping. Built into the engine housing is a computer interface cradle designed to work in conjunction with Captain America briefcase modem-computer system to enable him to receive messages from his hotline service.

Control Speed Body
Good Excellent Remarkable

Captain America’s Hotline: The Hotline is a nationwide telephone service enabling American citizens to directly contact Captain America with information pertaining to national security or crises beyond the scope of conventional authorities. The Hot line is headquartered in a nondescript building in Brooklyn Heights, New York, and is fully computer-automated so it requires no personnel. Incoming calls are recorded, transferred to printed text, and transmitted by computer to Captain America’s portable briefcase terminal. All messages are simultaneously sent to the Stars and Stripes, an independent nationwide network of computer enthusiasts who have volunteered to assist Captain America in his data processing. The volunteer’s scan all messages correlate them as to duplication, urgency, and location. This information extract is then forwarded by computer through telephone lines to Captain America roves the country; he has constant access to information regarding his mission to serve the nation.


Weapons Specialist: Shield, All Martial Arts, Artist, Leadership, Military, Acrobatics, Tumbling


Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thunderbolts, Redeemers


Steve Rogers, unable to enlist in the US army during WWII, was handpicked to be the test subject of a “super soldier formula.” Although the experiment was a success, a Nazi spy killed the doctor behind the experiment. Rogers was given the identity of “Captain America,” and served his country as a costumed hero while also enlisting in his civilian identity. Soon, he was teamed up with the young base mascot, Bucky, who joined Captain America in a similar costumed identity. Cap and Bucky fought many war criminals, especially the Nazi agent, the Red Skull, and even joined other heroes at the time, forming the Invaders, the Liberty Legion, and the All-Winners Squad. Cap went through many shields at the time, finally being given the indestructible one that has become his signature weapon. During a later battle, however, Cap and Bucky tried to stop the getaway plane of Baron Zemo, and Bucky was killed. Cap himself was thrown into the icy waters of the pacific, and entered a state of hibernation, frozen.

His frozen figure was being worshiped by native Inuit peoples of America and found by a rampaging Sub-Mariner, who threw the ice floe into the ocean, and it floated to the vicinity of New York harbor. He was revived by the formative group of heroes, the Avengers, and soon acclimated to our “future” and became one of their long-standing members, eventually leading them for a while, and soon found a new sidekick in Rick Jones and new government sanction. Rogers also created his secret identity, becoming an illustrator and later developing a romance with Bernie Rosenthal.

Captain America only left the Avengers when his own adventures warranted, but often returned and often in a leadership role. Earlier, he had used Rick Jones’ Teen Brigade to keep abreast of trouble, and once formed a nationwide phone hotline. He later dissolved his relationship with Jones, and formed new alliances with the Falcon, and a one-time successor to Bucky, now known as Nomad, but time and again returned to operating solo.

Later, his often-resurrected enemy, the Red Skull, resurrected himself in a cloned body of Rogers’, and earned a spot on a government agency, one in which demanded ownership over the identity and property of “Captain America.” Electing to be a free agent, Rogers quit his role as Captain America, and instead created a similar identity, the Captain, complete with a similar shield provided by fellow Avenger, Tony Stark. The Captain took temporary leave of the Avengers, and reestablished allies of Falcon, Nomad, and soon, Demolition Man. Ultimately, Rogers was confronted by the Skull, who he soon defeated, and he was reinstated as Captain America when his replacement (now, USAgent) proved unsuitable. During this time, he would develop a relationship with ex-criminal Diamondback, although she later left him, not escaping her criminal past.

Later still, he would rejoin his Avengers, only to be a part of the Kree-Skrull war, in which several Avengers deserted him to kill the Supreme Intelligence. His faith in the Avengers’ ideals shaken, Rogers soon took another leave of absence of the team, but soon returned, and in time for their fight against the villain, Onslaught, in which he apparently died with other heroes in defeating his menance.

Captian America was soon returned to our reality with the rest of the heroes, emerging in Japan. Rogers continues to champion for his coountries ideals as our flag-clad champion.

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