Identity: Sam Guthrie

Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Remarkable
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable
Reason: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Excellent

Health: 90
Karma: 50
Resources: Good
Popularity: 0


  • Rocket Flight: Cannonball has the power to emit thermochemical energy like the exhaust of a rocket, which causes him to propel through the air Incredible speed.
  • Kinetic Blast: Cannonball can localise his thermochemical burst to parts of his body, Sam can fire kinetic bolts or make melee attacks up Amazing strength.
  • Sam has developed a release of energy as he strikes the ground, creating a devastating shockwave as he strikes, capable of devastating a wide area damage of Incredible intensity.
  • Force Field: Originally he could only use the Force Field while flying, but he can now use it as a projected defense of Monstrous rank. He has developed the following power stunts.
    • Absorption Power (Kinetic), Rank: Unearthly. He may redirect the energy absorbed in a variety of ways.
      • Enhance Force Field.
      • As an attack equal to what was given.
      • Increase his speed by the amount of energy absorbed.
    • Expansion: Strength is considered Monstrous in regards to breaking from restraints or grapples.
    • Monstrous charging.
    • Immortality: As an External’ Sam possesses him Immortality, including Self-Revival at Amazing rank


Mining, Tumbling, Aerial Combat, Resist Domination, Leadership


X-Men, X-Force, X-Corporation, X-Treme Sanctions Executive, New Mutants, Bratpack, Hellions


Sam Guthrie is a mutant whose latent superhuman abilities first manifested themselves when he was trapped with co-workers in a coal mine. The stress of trying to save his partner and himself triggered his propulsive power and enabled them to escape. Donald Pierce, a renegade member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, located Guthrie and learned of his superhuman powers by means of a machine the Hellfire Club had built by adapting plans they had stolen from Professor Xavier’s Cerebro device. Pierce recruited Guthrie to be one of his operatives, and sent him into battle against Xavier and his newly organized group, the New Mutants. However, during the battle, he refused to obey Pierce’s order to kill the New Mutants, and Pierce attempted to kill Guthrie in retaliation. Xavier, however, saved Guthrie’s life by defeating Pierce. Realizing that Guthrie was not an evil person, Xavier invited him to join the New Mutants, and Cannonball rose to become one of the New Mutants’ leaders.

When the mutant warrior from the far future, Cable, reorganized the New Mutants into X-Force, Cannonball became a member of the new team.

On one of X-Force’s first missions, Cannonball was apparently slain in combat by Sauron, a member of the Toad’s new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, Cannonball soon returned to life and full health. Cable theorized that Cannonball was one of the Externals, a small number of immortal mutants. Whether or not Cannonball really is an External remains to be seen.

Recently, Sam graduated from his leadership role on the mutant team, X-Force, to the X-Men.

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