Calypso Ezili

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Poor
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Incredible

Health 40
Karma 90
Resources Good
Popularity 0



Magic: Master of Voodoo Magic.

She bartered her soul to gain powers from an evil entity. Although many of her powers are yet to be revealed she has in the past shown:

Personal Spells:
Telepathy: Monstrous.
Telekinesis: Incredible
Universal Spells
Illusion: Remarkable
Mental Control: Incredible. +1CS if using this power with Telepathy.


Stamina. Calypso can go several days without food, water or sleep if she is researching magic.




Although much of Calypso’s history has not been revealed, she grew up on a small Caribbean island, giving herself totally to the study of black magic and dark rituals.

Later, she met Kraven the Hunter, who had hunted the heroic Spider-Man on several occasions. Kraven took her to New York City, where Calypso urged Kraven on his quest to defeat Spider-Man. The two were defeated by the hero, however, and remanded to police custody.

Kraven freed himself and Calypso. Both tried once more to defeat Spider-Man. Calypso was instrumental in allowing Kraven to gain an upper hand in battle, and, furious at her interference, allowed Spider-Man to defeat the couple, who were remanded to the police once more.

Eventually released from prison, Calypso returned to the Caribbean, having learned of Kraven’s death. Calypso turned to the dark gods and sacrificed her soul to gain more magical powers. Considering Kraven a coward for taking his own life, Calypso decided to defeat Spider-Man herself, and used her magic to control his other enemy, the Lizard, to attack him. Spider-Man ultimately defeated his enemies, whereupon Calypso caused the building they were fighting in to collapse. Her body was never recovered.

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