Identity: Nathan Cristopher Charles Dayspring Summers

Fighting Incredible
Agility Excellent
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 110
Karma 120
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0


Cable is still developing his telepathic and telekinetic abilities. At present he has mastered the following:
Telepathy: Excellent

Able to communicate telepathicaly

Telekinesis: Incredible

Force Field: Incredible
Force Blast: Incredible

Cable was infected by the techno-organic virus wich he keeps under control with his telekinetic abilities. He therefore has:

Remarkable strength left arm
Bionic Eye: Infrared, +1CS ranged.


Guns, Marksman, Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Military, Espionage, Leadership


X-Force, X-Men, Excalibur, X-Factor, Wolverine, Six Pack, Kane


Nathan Summers was born in the first years of the marriage between Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor. He´s coming was celebrated by all the mutants that weared the X-Logo. But problems in his young life began early. Soon after his birth, Jean Grey was found by the Fantastic Four in the bottom of the Jamaica Bay. She then formed X-Factor, by joining her friends from the original X-Men. Cyclops left his wife with the X-Men of the time and formed this new group, promising to never leave them. But, with the true love of his life by his side, Scott became a distant father, to say the least. Madelyne, by the time, had no knowledge of her powers and her condition of a clone of Jean, began to be with the X-Men a lot. Some time after, Madelyne was hired to deliver a cargo by air on her plane. She took her son with her, but Nathan was kidnapped by the Marauders and Sinister. This made Madelyne crazy, and she asked the help of the X-Men. When Roma saved the team from death after an explosion on Forge´s building after a battle with the Adversary, Madelyne went with them to the former Reaver´s base in Australia. She began to control the computers there, in search for her son. Soon, now completely crazy, Maddie made a pact with the demon Nastyrth, becoming the Goblin Queen. She had a whole army by her side, and this generated the Inferno Saga. She found her son on Sinister´s lair, and there discovered that she was a clone. Even crazier, Maddie decided to sacrifice Nathan on the top of the Empire State Building, to maintain a gate between Limbo and Earth. With the combined forces of X-Factor and X-Men, Cyclops saved Nathan and defeated the Goblin Queen.

Nathan, now reunited with his father in X-Factor, began to show some mutant powers: a force field that nothing could penetrate. In many battles of X-Factor, Nathan was put in danger, like the time when the future Franklin Richard tried to eliminate his existence, to “make things right”. But the greatest fight that Nathan had to go through as a baby was the last by the side of his father. Apocalypse captured the baby and destroyed X-Factor´s ship. Taking them to the moon, the High Lord began to make some experiments on Nathan. Meanwhile, X-Factor made a pact with the Inhumans to save Cyclop´s son and some Inhumans that were under Apocalypse´s grasp. When the supreme evil was defeated, Nathan was infected with a techorganic virus that was changing his cells to nanotechs machines killing him from inside. To save him, a mysterious woman, that claimed to have come from the future, told Cyclops that her technology would save Nathan. He would never return to this time. Cyclops gave his son to the woman called Askani, to never see him again, but to save his life.

Arriving in the future, baby Nathan began to be cured. In case something went wrong, the Askani Clan of the future created a clone of the baby. In this future, Nathan was very important, and the prophecies called him the Chosen One, the one that would eliminate Apocalypse once and for all. But Apocalypse, who was alive in this time, also knew that. He attacked the camp and killed most of the people there. Assuming that the clone was the real Nathan, his forces took him. But Nathan was alive and well, now that his dormant telekinetic powers were controlling his virus. As he grew up, he was trained in the religious dogma´s of the Askani Clan, but not knowing of his clone. The leader of this clan was Rachel Summers. Rachel was the daughter of Cyclops and Jean from an alternate reality. In one of her adventures, she got to the future. Knowing about her destiny, she formed the Clan and waited until the point of saving her baby brother would come. Mother Askani, as she was called, decided that only two people could lead Nathan through one great battle against Apocalypse: his parents, Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Taking their essence from two milleniums before, Rachel gave them the opportunity to raise Nathan, by 10 years. The trio, with the help of former prelate Ch´Vayre, that betrayed the High Lord, defeated Apocalypse, killing him.

But the harm was already done: En Sabah Nur had raised Nathan´s clone by his dogma, and the boy became Stryfe, the chaos bringer. Even though he hated Apocalypse for his miserable life, Stryfe decided to take over the world again, becoming Nathan´s worse enemy. After the departure of Jean and Scott, Nathan continued his training to become the Chosen One. As a teenager, he began a quest of learning, where met some friends, his mentor, Blaquesmith and Aliya, the girl that would be his wife. They separated some time after this adventure, but when Stryfe began to use his army to destroy the Chosen Clan, they were once again reunited. Aliya had a son, called Tyler, that the man now called Cable took as his own. Many battles happened between Stryfe and Cable in the future. A great loss took place where the village of Akaba, where Apocalypse was raised, was destroyed, and Tyler was though dead. In fact, Stryfe had captured him, and raised him as Apocalypse had done to him. The boy would become Genesis that grew hating his father, thinking that he had abandoned him.

One day, after years of research, Stryfe found the ancient time machine of the Askani, and decided to come back in time to rule the world before he was even born. Cable discovered this fact and decided it was time to do something. The professor, a mechanical-living being, that was for Cable more than a mentor, helped him. Both of them found and developed a moving base, called Graymalkin (after the name of the place where the X-Mansion was built). This base could travel in time, and Cable took most of his technology to the past. Aliya had died some time before, in a battle against Stryfe´s army, so nothing could hold Cable in his devastated home. Cable arrived on Earth with no memory of his goal, in Muir Island. He was found by Moira MacTaggart, who healed him and made him recollect his mission. Both became allies and Moira was a link to this time. Cable had to stop Stryfe and to pursue his goal: to stop Apocalypse before his world was destroyed. Also, Cable would have to find the new X-Ternal, that had born in this time period. Another being that came back in time was Ch´Vayre, sent by a leader of the Askani Clan, Madame Sancticity, so he would force Cable to fulfill his destiny. In the past, now his present, Cable formed a group called Wild Pack to stop Stryfe, while disguising as mercenary force. He met Domino there, a woman that would become his friend and lover. Later the group would change it´s name to Six Pack, when Silver´s Sable military force, also called Wild Pack, “asked” them to. In a decisive battle against Stryfe, Cable had a disk that had many informations of technology and past events (to them) that would occur. Stryfe decided to have this disk, and in this fight, the Six Pack was destroyed, when Cable shot on of it´s member and friends. Kane, another member, was almost killed to, and almost all of the team began to hate Cable. In this fight also, Cable discovered that Stryfe looked exactly like him, and the mystery of his life began. Bridge, would become a commander of S.H.I.E.L.D., Kane was healed by the Weapon X program becoming one of it´s operatives and Domino remained by Nathan´s side.

Years passed as Cable tried to form a new group. By this time, the New Mutants were with no older leadership, as Xavier was in space and Magneto had turned evil again. Cable took them under his wings, and decided to turn them into a force between mutants, the X-Force. Many team members left the group, but other joined. Cannonball was the X-Ternal that Cable was searching and this was another positive thing in X-Force. Domino also returned to Nathan´s life to help him. Cable was fighting a man called Tolliver, an apparent drug and weapon dealer that had too much power for his position. Tolliver sent Sinsear, a soldier from the future turned cyborg to kill Cable, Copycat, disguised as Domino to kill Cable, Deadpool to kill Cable, well, you got the idea. Cable saved Domino from Toliver, but he escaped. Soon after, a final battle between Stryfe would happen. He kidnapped Cyclops and Jean Grey (before the two would go to the future to raise Cable), claiming that he was the real Nathan and that Cable was the clone. He really believed in that and thought that Cyclops and Jean were responsible for his fate. Graymalkin was almost completely destroyed in this fight, but the Professor was saved. Cable and Stryfe fought in the moon and a time bomb, detonated by Cable, took him to the future again and apparently killed Stryfe.

After some fights, Cable managed to come back in time, with the help of Kane, who began to see him as an ally once again. In our time, Cable was reunited with X-Force and helped the X-Men fight Magneto during Fatal Attractions. Soon after, Sinister would tell Cable (by the side of Madelyne´s tomb) that he was the real Nathan, and that he had created Madelyne so she would have him. Nathan would be Sinister´s weapon against Apocalypse. In this conversation, Stryfe´s mind, which was hidden in Cable´s body, took control, and began to attack many of Cable´s allies. He also decided that it was time to discover who Tolliver was. After some time, Tolliver attacked Stryfe on Cable´s body, revealing himself as Tyler, Cable´s son, who had also came back in time, Calling himself Genesis, Tyler said that he followed Apocalypses dogma of the survival of the fittest. In this fight, Askani helped Cable defeat both Genesis (that escaped) and Stryfe, who died, deciding that his legacy of blood should end, now that his Legacy Virus was already killing people. Cable was free for the fist time of his life. Soon after, the Professor, Cable´s mentor, reappeared as Prosh, a robot in X-Force´s base. But Prosh was absorbing to much energy from the machines there, including Cable´s bionic body. He decided to leave to space, and live there.

Genesis would attack again in Akaba, forcing Cable, Caliban and Storm to face him and his Dark Riders, previously Apocalypse´s force, now serving Tyler. They would win that fight, but Cable always suffered to see his son turned evil. Cable would return to the future with Domino to save himself from Stryfe, a mission that he passed gracefully, not revealing his identity. Returning to our time, Cable would fight the Sugar Man in Genosha, a villain that wanted to know his connection to Nate Grey, his counter part of the Age of Apocalypse timeline. Soon after, Blaquesmith came back in time to make Cable go back to his path.

His life was stopped when Onslaught killed him, making Cable alone again. He would face the Hulk, under Onslaught control and Post, a man called Trevor that he had saved from the Mandarin years before. During the fight against Onslaught, Apocalypse resurrected and Cable was forced to side with him to save Franklin Richards. They fought when the High Lord tried to kill the boy, but the evil escaped that day. Cable´s body was completely ruined after this fight, as the psionic disturbance created by Onslaught made the technorganic virus take control. Storm, Nathaniel Richards and his grandson Franklin, Domino and Cannonball helped him that day. Cable´s memories of Aliya and Tyler, that took substance by Franklin´s powers, made Nathan come back to life. Cable would soon help the Micronauts against Psycho Man and fight Sinsear with the help of Bishop. He also met Douglock, the robot boy from Excalibur that said that both of them would one day find the cure to the Legacy Virus. By this time, Genesis had already tried to put the adamantium back in Wolverine´s bones. Logan rejected the “offer” and killed Tyler, making the relation between him and Cable even worse.

Not so long after, Nathan met his mother, Madelyne Pryor, who had been resurrected by Nate Grey when he arrived on our Earth. She claimed that even with all the madness she made him go through, she still loved him, saying that you can never turn your back on your mother. Ch´Vayre, ordered by Sancticity, allied with Sebastian Shaw so he could awake Apocalypse once again. Ch´Vayre mission was to force Cable and the High Lord face for the last time. Cable saved a reporter, called Irene Merryweater from Shaw´s forces, and asked her if she could take notes of his life and fights, so if he died, his legacy would not be forgotten. She accepted, and both of them went in an adventure to prevent the Inner Circle to awake Apocalypse.

Even with the chosen´s one best efforts, Apocalypse awoke, but disappeared. After this Cable had an adventure in Wakanda and felt the psionic wave. In a mission to find Blaquesmith (who turned out alive), Cable lost his telepathy and telekinetic. After this, he managed to get his psimitar from a group of followers. Moving to the Hell´s Kitchen to get in touch with humanity, Cable tried to adapt with his lost abilities. But when Agent 9 (sent by S.H.I.E.L.D.) tracked him down, he was defeated. But with the help of Blaquesmith, Cable recovered his telekinetic and escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. . Some time alter, he saw the rebirth of Stryfe, but managed to defeat him with the help of Nate Grey and Madelyne Pryor. Now Cable resides in the Hell House, with his chronicler Irene, and wit his mentor, Blaquesmith.

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