Quincy McIver

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Excellent
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 90
Karma 26
Resources Good
Popularity -7


Bionic Limbs: Bushmaster is a quadriplegic who has bionic arms attached to his shoulders and a 14 ft long, snakelike tail instead of legs. He can move at Gd land speed and “spring” upto 1 area away. If using his tail in wrestling holds Bushmaster can exert Remarkable constriction on his opponent.
Claws: Bushmaster’s arms are equipped with 8″ long metallic fangs. These claws are made from Remarkable material, inflict Remarkable edged damage and are tipped with Excellent snake venom. Anyone injected with the venom must make an Endurance FEAT against Excellent intensity or be knocked out and lose endurance ranks if a second FEAT is not made.




Serpent Society


It is unknown if Quincy McIver lost his limbs due to a birth defect or an accident ; however, it is established that he once worked for weapons smuggler Herve Argosy, and that his prosthetic limbs, the result of Roxxon/Brand tech, were installed years ago.

Bushmaster was contacted by Sidewinder, and agreed to join the Serpent Society. A trusted, skilled, loyal operative, he was among the team that killed Modok, supported Sidewinder during the Viper’s coup, and was among the artefact acquisition team hired by Ghaur and Llyra during the Atlantis crossover.

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