Benjamin Poindexter

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Poor

Health 100
Karma 16
Resources Poor
Popularity -15


Natural Marksman: Bullseye has Monstrous Agility with any thrown objects. He can turn mundane objects into deadly weapons. Any object with an edge that he throws attack on the Thrown Edged Attacks column of the Battle Effects Table. His accurate range is 2 areas with thrown items. Bullseye has also carries guns and crossbows as well. If encountered in an area he has previously prepared, Bullseye will have 1 to 5 caches of exotic weapons stashed around the area.
Adamantium Skeleton: Bullseye has undergone a similar Adamantium bonding process to that was used on Wolverine. His back cannot be broken as his spine is covered by Admantium.

Costume: His costume is made of Kevlar. This is made of Excellent Material Strength and provides Typical protection from physical attacks.
Personal Weaponry: Handguns, Knives, Shuriken, Whips, Sais, Darts, Plastic explosives, and some ordinary objects (including, but not limited to, playing cards, pens, pencils, vases, hairbrushes, golf bals, paper airplanes, and even one of his own teeth).
Note: Bullseye is certifiably insane


Weapons Master (all Melee weapons), Thrown Objects (see above), Marksman (all distance weapons) , Demolitions , Martial Arts: B,D,E


Kingpin, Deadpool


The man who became known as Bullseye had always had a perfect aim in throwing things. He was on his way to become a major baseball player, but he decided instead to become a soldier to fulfill his sadistic pleasure of killing others. Soon, he became a worldwide mercenary, and eventually found a home in New York City, adopting the code name Bullseye.

Bullseye began a series of extortion attempts and murder, and publicized himself by agreeing to an interview with the newspaper, The Daily Bugle. Bullseye fought and defeated the costumed hero Daredevil, although the hero soon tracked him down and prevented Bullseye’s extortion schemes.

Bullseye was then hired to murder the lawyer Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s secret identity, but was defeated by Daredevil. In his own mind, Bullseye believed his formidable reputation was ruined, and swore vengeance, fighting Daredevil at any opportunity, either by personal vendetta or due to his employer’s wishes.

At one point, Bullseye was declared insane due to a brain tumor, although the tumor was removed.

Later, when seeking employment from the Kingpin again, Bullseye discovered Elektra working as Kingpin’s assassin. Bullseye killed her, earning the vengeance of Daredevil, Elektra’s lover. Bullseye was allowed to fall to his death by Daredevil, and his spine shattered, paralyzing him. With the help of a Japanese crime lord, Lord Dark Wind, Bullseye’s bones were laced with adamantium in the hopes that Bullseye would freely serve Lord Dark Wind as his head assassin. Instead, Bullseye, now recovered, returned to New York to pursue his mercenary career.

The Kingpin refused to take Bullseye into employment again unless he would kill Daredevil. Bullseye has since had many run-ins with his archenemy, while also pursuing several other mercenary contacts, some of which brought him into contact with his mercenary friend, Deadpool.

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