Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm
Percy, and Barton Grimes

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 52
Karma 40
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5




Battlesuits: The Brothers Grimm have battlesuits that allow them to create a number of (often deadly) articles, all of which are nursery rhyme and fairy tale related. Although these are the attacks that they have used so far, it is probable that the Brothers Grimm costumes have not exhausted their “bag of tricks” yet. They include the following items:
Golden Threads: Remarkable Ensnaring missile (range: 3 areas)
Flying Star: Made out of Excellent material, this object can fly at Poor speed (4 areas/round)
Pies: These pies explode and release a murder (group) of crows, which fly around the target. This hindrance causes a -2CS penalty on Agility FEATS.
Dummies: These two dummies are decoys. The character must make an Intuition FEAT roll to distinguish from the real thing.
Eggs: These eggs explode, releasing an Incredible corrosive (range 2 areas).
Beanstalk: Usable only within 2 areas from the ground, these beans grow to create an Incredible ensnarement attack.
Stardust: Acts as an Incredible paralysis attack (1 area range) These items do not appear to be permanent. The suits appear to be compelling the Grimes Brothers to use them in a criminal manner.




Night Shift


Criminal Nathan Dolly, a doll collector, received two wooden dolls from Wundagore Mountain, where the evil entity Chthon is imprisoned. Dolly learned how to project his life force into and animate the dolls, referring to them as the Brothers Grimm. But Dolly made the mistake of projecting himself into both dolls at once and his consciousness was trapped in them permanently. When he coerced the sorcerer Magnus into helping him escape from the dolls to possess a human body, Magnus destroyed him.

Later, two businessmen named Percy and Barton Grimes, acquired Dolly’s theatre and full sized manikins of the Brothers Grimm. Trying on their clothes, the brothers found they had the powers of the original Brothers Grimm. They used their powers to exact vengeance on a rival who cheated them, but were foiled by Iron Man 11. After leaving prison, they joined the Night Shift.

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