Brother Voodoo

Identity: Jericho Drumm

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 42
Karma 90
Resources Typical
Popularity 0 / 30 in Haiti



Magic: Master of Voodoo
Personal Spells:

Trance-Immunity to Fire: (Automatic)
Summon: Brother Voodoo can summon the specter of his deceased brother, Daniel, from its dwelling place within Brother Voodoo’s body. By doing so he increases his Strength to Excellent and his Health to 56. He can also send his brother’s spirit form, like an astral ities. No known time limit exists which restricts how long Daniel can remain outside his brother’s body. When Daniel ceases inhabitation of a person other than his brother, the host may suffer disorientation, nausea or trauma. Disorientation involves a -1CS to the host’s Fighting, Reason, and Psyche abilities for 1-10 rounds.
All other Personal spells he may use are of an Excellent power rank.

Universal Spells

Mental Control-Limited: Remarkable
Mesmerism-All Animals: Monstrous. Only one creature at a time.
Mesmerism- Plants : Remarkable. Only one plant at a time.
Nature Control-Fire: Incredible
Vapours of Obscurity: Remarkable. Brother Voodoo’s obscuring vapors, appearing in the form of smoke, are always accompanied by the sound of voodoo drums. This sound has a disorienting effect on others (Fighting, Reason, and Psyche abilities all suffer a -1 CS in the area of this power).






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