Booster Gold

Michael Jon Carter

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 160
Karma 26
Resources Good
Popularity 0




Booster Gold Suit: His costume is made of a special fabric which forms an exoskeleton.
Body Armor: Excellent although protection can be enhanced to Unearthly level using force field projection.
Energy Absorption: The suit is able to absorb Incredible energy levels in a manner similar to a force field.
Energy Blast: His power gauntlets are capable of firing energy blasts at his foes at Incredible intensities.
Flight: Boosters rebuilt armor provides him with flight, capable of attaining Amazing air speeds.
Force Field: Monstrous Force Field that can be projected at a distance losing 1CS per additional area.
Power Boost: Booster may temporarily enhance any 1 ability of the suit +2CS. Endurance FEAT required every round
Goggles: His goggles give him:
Telescopic Vision: Good
Thermal Vision: Incredible
Microscopic Vision: Remarakble
Skeets: Boosters robot buddy who is integrated into the suit. Skeets is a multi-purpose security robot, able to fly, assimilate information and fire the suits energy blasts.
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Total Recall: Monstrous
Repair/Tinker, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Trivia: 20th Century History and Customs
All of Booster’s powers are mechanical. When not in costume Michael has the following abilities:
Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent

Health 90


Football, Tumbling, 20th century trivia, Pilot, Martial Arts E, Business/Finance


Justice League, Extreme Justice, Blue Beetle


Michael Jon Carter was a college quarterback with a promising future in the pros. When he was caught betting on the outcome of his own games, he was thrown off of the team. “Booster” was his nickname from football. He had started gambling to pay for his mothers expensive operations, but continued after she recovered. He drifted from job to job until he found one as janitor for the Metropolis Space Museum. One of the exhibits was a time machine.

Carter studied heroes of the 20th century in the Space Museum and knowing his career in his century was tainted, Booster decided that he should travel back in time to the 20th century. Using a time machine built by Rip Hunter, Carter planned to journey back through time to 1985. However with the attempt to activate a time machine he was surprised by the sergeant of the robot security, Skeets. Michael managed to deactivate the robot and took along. Carter also stole a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring and various other items to create his costume.

With an enormous amount at technical devices, Booster soon uncovered a plot to assassinate the President of the United States, and became an overnight sensation. Booster enjoyed the publicity, and began to endorse several products, becoming the first hero to get rich in this way. He formed a corporation, which made him a multimillionaire. His endorsements of products and commercial ambitions were met with disdain by other heroes.

When Carter found his powers fading, he returned to the future in a prototype time machine built by Rip Hunter. He found himself a hunted criminal in 2462 A.D. and faced execution. But a rescue by Rip Hunter, Jack Soo, Trixie Collins, and his own sister Michelle enabled him to return to 1987. He convinced his twin sister Michelle to come to establish her own heroic identity. She did, but Goldstar was soon killed in battle with invaders from another dimension.

Before this battle, Booster had been invited to join the newly reformed League by Maxwell Lord. The other League members rejected Booster, not liking his practice of endorsing products. Booster, however proved his worth by defeating the Royal Flush Gang, and joined the JLA forming an intensive friendship with his team mate “Blue Beetle”.

Booster spent much of his time with get-rich-quick schemes, trying to rebuild the financial empire he lost due to carelessness after his sister died. He’s tried marketing a line of JLA products, running an island resort with Blue Beetle, and many other schemes, all of which have ended in failure and ridicule. He stayed with the Justice League until he met his worst defeat at the hands of the monster, Doomsday only surviving due to the timely aide of of Superman.

After suffering extreme injuries, Booster was sealed into a new suit by Blue Beetle, which kept him alive, but also limited his activities outside of his heroic persona. The security guard robot, Skeets, was built into the suit and became a source of information for Booster. During this period, Booster and Beetle together with Maxima, Firestorm and Captain Atom formed the new team Extreme Justice.

After the disbanding of the Extreme Justice team, Booster and Beetle went into the repo business, with mixed results. Booster has been romantically linked to the heroine Firehawk, though it’s believed that this relationship has come to an end.

With an attempt to help Superman regain his abilities Boosters suit was again destroyed. Supermans friend, the scientist Emil Hamilton created from the remnants of the suit and materials, a new costume. Although it had the same characteristics as the old suit, in Boosters eyes the most important characteristic of the costume was recovered, the stored consciousness of his “partner” Skeets.

For some time Boosters and Blue Beetle owned Lightspeed Entertainment, a company, which had specialised in the development of interactive entertainment electronics. Booster is also the some time owner of the restaurant “Planet Krypton” in Metropolis.

At one point in time Booster was to be the next step in human evolution…but because of Zero Hour things are not as they were. A brave hero, Booster Gold has aided the current JLA but is currently not in their active ranks.

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