Fred Myers

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 80
Karma 26
Resources Good
Popularity -5


Boomerangs: Myers carries seven boomerangs prominently on his costume, each with special properties. Unless otherwise noted, they are of Excellent material strength. Myers can throw these so they will return to him with no risk ofdamaging himself.
Shatterang: Detonates on contact, Amazing damage to all in one area.
Gasarang: Monstrous intensity tear gas, affects one area.
Razorangs: Incredible material strength, inflict Remarkable Edged throwing damage.
Bladerangs: Incredible Edged throwing damage, no affect on Body Armor of Good and higher material strength.
Screamerangs: Excellent intensity sonic attack.
Gravityrangs: Creates local gravity field of Incredible intensity.
Reflexerangs: Solid-weighted boomerang. Bullseye result on Blunt Throwing column indicates target must check for Stun or be knocked over.


Weapon Specialist- Boomerangs, Thrown Objects


Justin Hammer


Fred Myers was born in Australia but moved to America when he was a small child. In America, he developed a passion for baseball and became a talented and proficient pitcher. After graduating from high school, Myers worked as a professional baseball player in the minor leagues, quickly joining the majors. Within a year, however, he was suspended for taking bribes.

Myers was then contacted by the subversive society known as the Secret Empire, who offered him employment as a special operative, outfitting and naming him Boomerang. When the Empire crumbled, Myers fled to Australia, where he became even more proficient in the boomerangs, and eventually became a freelance assassin.

Myers was contacted by the criminal financier Justin Hammer, and he returned to America. Myers soon found work with other crime bosses, including the Kingpin, or otherwise engaged in solo criminal activities and/or as a part of a group, such as the Sinister Syndicate.

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