Blue Jay

Jay Abrams

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 80
Karma 70
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Winged Flight: Remarkable
Shrinking Excellent
Energy Blast: Incredible

Flight cannot be used without Shrinking




Justice League


The early adventures and origin of Jay Abrams are unknown. The Justice League first encountered Blue Jay and his teammates when both teams were attacked by corporations from the planet Can-Nam-Loo. Blue Jay was injured in a battle between the teams, but he was healed by Zatanna and returned to his homeworld.

Blue Jay was among the handful of survivors of the Extremists’s nuclear attack and he joined Wandjina in his crusade to rid all worlds of nuclear weapons. Their campaign brought them to Earth and straight into a political confrontation between Russia and Bialya. There was a standoff at a Russian nuclear power station between the Angorian heroes and the Rocket Red Brigade that almost resulted in an accidental nuclear meltdown. Wandjina sacrificed his life to shut down the reactor. Blue Jay and the Silver Sorceress were taken into custody by the Russian authorities and spent a year imprisoned at a remote metahuman research centre.

Sorceress and Jay managed to escape when a kindly researcher slipped them an antidote for the drugs that were inhibiting their powers. The Sorceress returned to Angor and Jay sought political asylum at the Justice League International (JLI) Moscow Embassy. Unfortunately the Extremist robots used the Sorceress’s link to Jay to crossover to Earth. They decimated much of Moscow and the Rocket Red Brigade before Jay managed to use the JLI teleporters to reach the JLI’s European branch (JLE).

Captain Atom and the JLE almost succumb to the onslaught of the Extremists and were unceremoniously shunted sideways to Angor by Dreamslayer. There the JLE discovered the remnants of the Wacky World theme park and the true origin of the Extremist robots. They rescued Mitch Wacky and returned with him to Earth where he was able to shut down the robots. With nobody left on Angor Mitch, Jay and the Sorceress decided to stay on Earth and the heroes accepted Captain Atom’s offer to work with the JLE.

Jay tried to acclimate to the new world and the new team – an effort made harder when he had to switch from Paris to London after the JLI Paris embassy was destroyed. He served with distinction but was often overshadowed by larger and more powerful teammates. When a Bialyan agent deposed Maxwell Lord and took control of the League he used Jay as a pawn. Blue Jay found himself promoted to field commander of the JLE in a move designed to sow distention among the Leaguers. The JLI structure quickly collapsed without Lord’s leadership and they had to face a succession of powerful foes. This culminated with Dreamslayer’s return and his murder of Mitch and the Sorceress.

The death of the Silver Sorceress left Jay as the final survivor of Angor. He quit the League shortly afterwards. Jay has reappeared a couple of times to help the League. He teamed-up with the surviving JSA members and other JLI reservists to help battle Sonar and the mind controlled Rocket Reds. He has also been spotted at various superhero gatherings, but has not taken a frontline role in the Chronicles since he left the League. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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